How Can Your DTC Business Get More Amazon Reviews Using Review Automation?


Feb 14, 2022


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DTC Business Get More Amazon Reviews

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With the pandemic surge, the online market has witnessed massive growth. It raised eCommerce’s share of global retail from 14% in 2019 to approx 17% in 2020. But several brands are still struggling to increase their sales.

Most DTC (direct-to-consumer) brands utilize Amazon to reach the maximum audience and sell their products. But with the increasing competition on Amazon, it’s become tougher to get an edge over the competitor. 

As per a report, around 200,000 new sellers signed up on Amazon in 2020, a 45% increase on the prior year (2019). 

Apart from the high competition, other factors can also affect your sales, like user’s rating, reviews, shipping history, etc. But it’s a tedious task to send a review request to your customers manually.

Are you facing difficulty in leveraging customers’ reviews? Read on to know how you can boost your sales by automating reviews on Amazon.

What is a DTC business model?

What is a DTC business model?

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A direct-to-customer business model is a new form of e-commerce that works on the principle of directly serving the customers rather than giving a certain percentage of the sales to an intermediary organization. 

In this model, all the brand sales go directly to the brand owners, which rules out the middle distributors and supply chain people who have their own set of margins in the prices. 

This approach proves beneficial for both customers and business owners as it cuts intermediaries’ commissions. And because of this, the customers get the same commodity at a lower price. 

Difference between a DTC and BTC

These models are now a part of the business industry, but they have their own set of principles. 

In a direct-to-customer model, the brand itself governs everything related to product delivery, from inventory management to order shipping. 

On the other hand, in the Business-to-customer (BTC) model, the manufacturer would sell the product to a wholesaler or retailer first. And then, the wholesaler/retailer will sell it further to the customers. 

How can Amazon reviews uplift your business?

Almost all of you must’ve ordered something online at least once. But if we ask you a question, how do you judge an item just by looking at a picture of it? 

Well, the answer is pretty easy, just by seeing the reviews. 

Reviews play a crucial role in your business growth. They can either boost or hinder your sales. That’s why many business owners keep a check over their customer reviews. 

However, sometimes your rivals can also take advantage of reviewing and posting false information about your product, which might hamper your sales in the future. 

Well, to minimize the risk of such situations, business owners have the solution of review automation on their end. But what is it? And how can it help in increasing organic Amazon reviews? Let’s find out. 

What is the meaning of Review automation?

Review automation

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It is an advanced tool that sends automated review requests to the customers who’ve purchased the product. This tool proves very useful for the seller to segregate the fake and organic reviews.

With this tool, you can easily send a review request by clicking on the button “request a review.” This will send a pre-written automated mail requesting an organic product review to your buyers. 

Why should you use Review automation?

There are two reasons review automation is so popular and widely used in the online business landscape. 

use Review automation?

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  • Genuine reviews: Only a person using your product can provide a review to you. So, if you’re a manufacturer or business owner and want to avoid fake reviews, then review automation can certainly help you with it. 
  • Time-saving approach: Manually requesting your customers for a review is a tedious task. With the help of a reliable review automation tool, you can start the review process by pressing the request review button.

You can save a lot of time with the help of this approach and use this time for important tasks, which might be more beneficial for your brand and profit margins. 


Review automation is an advanced way to keep a tab on your customer’s feedback. It allows you to send an automatic review request that will save a lot of your precious time.

If you also want to integrate this tool into your Amazon store, reach out to us. Our team of professionals will walk you through our services and develop a tool for you so that you can never miss an opportunity to earn a review. Contact us now!

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