Google Data Studio Reporting: A Game-changer for digital marketing!


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Nov 26, 2020


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google-data-studio Along with the fluctuating market trends, analytics is one of those areas where most of the people find themselves in a challenging situation. They find analytics to be confusing, difficult to decipher, and sometimes overwhelming too. In some cases, digital marketers don’t even report back to their clients because they don’t know how to begin on the right foot. To make matters worse, it is almost impossible for digital marketers to provide a report to companies on their ad campaigns and promotions that can be easily understood. If you are a digital marketer who is required to provide analytics on a regular basis then you must be dealing with complicated and lengthy Google Analytics data and then combining them so that you can forward it to your client. Thanks to Business Intelligence teams using Google Data Studio reporting that has allowed digital marketers to get better and detailed metrics instead of dealing with data for the whole day. 

What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is a reporting solution that is used by business intelligence teams who want to go beyond the simple reporting of Google Analytics. The Business Intelligence team is the real hero behind using Google Data Studio since they are the one using the GDS platform for coming up with metrics and other detailed reports. It is the Business Intelligence team that is able to use interactive controls and customization options in order to come up with detailed analysis and reporting of data. 

How does the business intelligence team make the most of Google Data Studio? 

The Google Data Studio offers everything that a digital marketer needs to transform the analytics into an easy to understand and informative report with the help of visuals. The reports generated by Google Data Studio are not only easy to read but they will also save time for both clients and digital marketers. Let’s go through some of the unique features of GDS that have allowed businesses to understand the true impact of digital marketing. google-data-studio

Highly customizable

There are various options for presenting the data like in charts, line graphs and these options make the life of digital marketers much easier. We can say that Google Data Studio is acting as a panacea for all the issues related to analytics for digital marketers. Along with this, one can also change the colour, fonts and even brand logos on the report with the help of Google Data Studio (GDS). You can even customize the whole report for emails, PDF, and other formats. Even the easy drag and drop option will add value to better report analysis.

Multiple data sourcing

Google Data Studio Reporting

Image Source: Google Data Studio

One of the coolest things about Data Studio is you can get more data than what Google Analytics expert has to offer you. For example, you can even import detailed Facebook data in your GDS reports. That’s true! Any reporting data that can be fed into Google Sheets can be easily included in your GDS reports.  There is also a feature called ‘Connector’ in GDS that will allow you to pull data from various other sources like Stripe, eBay, DoubleClick, Twitter, and much more.

Dynamic reporting

The reports generated by GDS are dynamic as well and this means that with an update in the data source, the information in the report will be automatically updated. This will minimize the manual workload for digital markers and they will not have to deal with making changes in both the data source and the information in the reports as well. Making these changes manually might sound very easy but it becomes challenging while dealing with a large amount of data.

Easy collaboration

Saving time with GDS becomes more efficient because of easy collaboration and sharing. Just hit the share button and start working with other people on the same reports. Everyone can contribute to the dashboard but you will have full control over the access since you can set permission. From making changes in real-time to sharing the reports through emails and print formats, there are many features of GDS that makes collaboration easy and time-saving.

Some Google Data Studio reporting features that will be beneficial for understanding digital marketing analytics in a much better way


A scorecard might look like a simple number given in the Google Data Studio reporting like the conversion rate but there are many things that you can do with scorecards in order to understand the impact in a much better way. For example, you can easily set a date widget in order to make the data interactive. After that, you can check last week’s rate or February’s rate, just by making changes to the date column. With the help of blended data, the scorecards can also be used to show calculated fields and this specific feature of Google Data Studio reporting will make it a more powerful tool for reporting in Google analytics services. google-data-studio-heatmaps


Heatmaps will make changes to the formatting of the table in order to show the relationship between the column values. Imagine having a column that will contain all your webpages and against each web page row, the number of visitors visiting the page will be displayed. The heatmap will show your 5 web pages in red, middle-ranked web pages in pink colour and lowest-ranked pages in white colour. This will help you in analyzing the hotspots of your website in a much better way and you will not have to spend time categorizing the web pages according to the number of visits. Even a Google Analytics expert can easily understand these heatmaps.

Interactive elements

The GDS is looking forward to making changes in their report so that they become more interactive and there are already many interactive elements in the GDSP reports. For example, generally, people use a drop-down list in order to decide how data will be displayed in the reports but in GDS reports, you can make tables including clickable elements that will change the way the data will appear in the report. You will need to just click on Facebook in your report in order to see data related to Facebook only. Google Data Studio will not only solve issues related to analytics for digital marketers but it will equip businesses with a much detailed report on their digital marketing efforts. People will be able to unravel many metrics and trends that were earlier not accessible because of limited reporting and complex data. With the power of GDS, even Google analytics services will improve.  If you want to know more about Google Data Studio or wish to talk to our experts about business opportunities regarding this, then please contact us today!

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