Facebook for Law firms : How To Attract More Clients?


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Mar 9, 2021


9 min read

Almost 81% of the total law firms and lawyers who exist on the internet say they have at least one social media account on which they frequently post. According to a study published in 2019 by Sprout Social, 35% of lawyers use social media platforms to drive potential clients. One such powerful social media platform is Facebook that provides an interesting interface for marketers and advertisers to place their ads in front of a highly targeted audience. With high audience reach and customizations, Facebook also provides a low Cost-per-click advertising model when compared to other PPC platforms. So what is the benefit of a low PPC model? It simply allows you to get more website clicks and higher website traffic within your social media marketing budget. Social-Media-Specialist Then what is the problem? Although Facebook Paid ads are highly effective in terms of boosting traffic on landing pages, the main cause of concern is poor ad Facebook strategies, furious market competition, and therefore low returns. Generating quality leads through paid Facebook Ads is not as easy a task as it seems to be. If you want exceptional results for your law firm then here are the top Facebook Ad Strategies that your Law firm must implement to attract more clients within your ad spend so that you can achieve all your business objectives.

1. Ad Optimization

Adjustments and optimization can create a huge difference. The motive is to make your Facebook Ad look as appealing as it can be for the viewers. There are three things that we must discuss - Testing Multiple Images, Testing Landing Page, and Mobile Optimization. Testing Multiple Images - You must use multiple pictures on your law firm’s ads to ensure getting maximum clicks. With thumb-stopping images on your ad, you can stop the users from scrolling further and encourage them to interact with the ad. How to check which image is performing the best? We would suggest you run multiple ads with different pictures. You should only scale your campaign’s ad budget once you have tracked the best ad in terms of performance. You can track your Facebook Ad conversions by looking at the number of clicks it is receiving, what actions are the users taking on your website, etc. Testing Landing Pages - You should run two multiple ads on two multiple landing pages of your law firm’s website to see how the number of clicks, landing page views and leads each ad is fetching. Make sure your ads have custom call-to-action buttons for mobile devices, contact details, etc. Mobile Optimization - According to a report published by DataReportal in 2019, 96% of the active Facebook users prefer using Facebook via smart devices like smartphones and tablets. This means that almost everyone on Facebook comes across Facebook PPC ads on their smartphones. You shouldn’t limit your ad’s reach by not optimizing them according to mobile devices because then you would be losing a major proportion of mobile traffic who might be looking for law services on their smartphones.

2. Retargeting Ads

What are retargeting ads? These are ads that show up on a user’s feed who have interacted with your ads earlier. Facebook ads are very popular for their remarketing or retargeting abilities. It is an effective method to convince your potential clients to visit your law firm’s website again and helps in converting them into your new customers. You should use Facebook Pixel that is located in Facebook Ad manager as it helps you in tracking codes. How? Facebook Pixel marks those users who have visited your website earlier and segregates them into different categories like - How long ago did they visited your law firm’s website, what was their reaction on your landing page, which webpage did they visit, etc. Based on these classifications you can choose your remarketing ads so that you can drive highly-qualified leads to your law firm’s website and fetch the most out of your ad campaign.

3. Develop A Retargeting Video Ad Funnel

As we discussed earlier, 27% of the law firms having 10 to 49 lawyers engage in video marketing. 23% of the smaller law firms with a team size of 2 to 9 lawyers prefer using videos for marketing their ads on Facebook as well. To maximize your Facebook Ad’s reach you must focus on creating video content. Video ads are a powerful way to retarget your potential clients due to their ability to deliver high-engagement ads. You must develop a retargeting ad funnel to drive a high intent audience to your law firm’s website. For the same purpose, you must create an ad that is 8-10 minutes long. A large portion of the audience would ignore this ad or tune out early because they might be the ones who aren’t looking for a law firm. However, there would be some individuals who would watch the video till the end. These are the ones who might be looking for online legal services. Based on your ad’s retention rate, you’ll be able to figure out a decent portion of the audience whom you can target in your next ad. As they watch more and more ad content from your law firm, you can easily pitch them an ad that encourages them to take an action like filling out a simple form or asking them to enter their email ID to book an appointment with your lawyers. This is the best way to reduce your retargeting funnel and reach an audience with high purchase intent.

4. Exclude Low Intent Users From Your Ad Funnel

On one hand, a law firm can include audiences into their ad campaigns who have high-intent and on the other hand, they can also exclude the ones who are not interested in watching your ads. This exclusion feature helps you in targeting as many relevant clients as possible. Your audience is further divided into different sections such as audiences who have visited your law firm’s website, or the ones who have watched your videos till the end. There is also a provision to exclude those users from your Facebook Ad campaign who have already visited a particular webpage on your law firm’s website. You can also exclude those users who haven’t watched your videos till the last few minutes. This is an effective approach to gather unique impressions on your ads and maximize their audience reach.

5. Use Facebook’s Demographic And Geographic Data

Facebook Ads Manager provides you the ability to target audiences based on their geographical location. You can also target those audiences who have recently been to a particular place. The majority of lawyers practice law in a specific jurisdiction, in a specific city or place. Facebook has loads of valuable data of their users in-store such as their age, location, gender, etc. Combine this data with your ad campaigns to run highly-targeted ads on Facebook.

6. Don’t Sell Them! Inform & Engage Them

As we mentioned earlier, there is a lot of competition in the digital space, especially in the legal market. There are way too many law firm ads that are desperately trying to sell their services. Stop pitching them, start delivering them some useful content instead. Your online viewers aren’t interested in watching video ads that have the same monotonous formula of selling their brand. Provide them ads that are highly useful for them so that they add some value to their lives, ads that with a higher value for viewers are the ads that have high shareability too. When your Facebook paid ad gets re-shares then it reaches a wider audience on its own. It’ll fetch more likes and more comments too. This will not only give you higher impressions on your ad but it’ll also help Facebook’s algorithm in understanding that your content is relevant and positive for the users. Facebook will further push your video ahead to new audiences which will help you to reap even more ad impressions, cheaper clicks, and views. How to make video ads that are highly shareable and informative? Imagine a situation where the state government or the court has announced a new law regarding Motor-Vehicle laws. You can create a high-value video ad explaining how these new amendments will affect the working-class people who drive their cars to their offices or MNCs who employ transport companies. You can explain what precautions they must take to avoid paying a hefty fine. In the end, you can make a subtle pitch with the help of a strong CTA and a short description of your law firm. If they need any legal services regarding the new laws, they’ll surely fill the form and contact you through your landing page.

7. The Art Of Writing Strong Call-To-Action

What does a CTA button do? You might have seen several CTA buttons on ads where once you finish watching/reading the ad and you click on the ‘learn more’ button. What to write in the CTA section of your ads? Let’s consider the same example we took earlier for Motor-Vehicle laws - “Need Legal help for your transportation company to avoid paying hefty fines on highways due to the new motor laws? Here’s a simple way to avoid it.” After clicking the CTA button your potential clients (leads) can be redirected to your landing page so that they can provide you some further details. It has to be an organic progression! You can quote a specific problem in your CTA and ask them whether they need your help with the same. If your ad is a video ad, introduce a small CTA in the first 10-15 seconds of your video and ask them to click on the learn more button in the end.

8. Enhance The Quality Of Your Video Ads

For shooting Facebook Video ads, you don’t have to hire an expensive camera person, editor, or director. With the latest video smartphone apps, you can edit, shoot and publish high-quality without spending a dime on expensive resources.

1. Use a tripod or gorilla stand for your smartphone’s stability while recording.
2. You can use portable LED lights or natural sunlight to get that extra brightness.
3. You can order a simple, budget-friendly collar mic that can record your sound.
4. You must prepare a script so that you start shooting the video when you are ready.
5. You must test your video by sending it to your close friends and family members.
6. Even after posting a normal video, you can always promote via ‘Boost Post’.
7. Remember! Don’t sell them directly. Humanize the video and be creative.
8. Start your ad by narrating a very short story so that users find it relatable.

We have mentioned these eight different strategies through which your law firm can enhance its Facebook Paid ads. Facebook is a great platform for advertisers because it provides a plethora of useful tools and analytics which can help you in building engaging, rich, and impactful Facebook ads campaigns at a budget-friendly cost. An important reminder - your current Facebook Ads campaign can’t have the same old tactics as your previous ones. You need to find out the best combinations and test them to figure out what’s best for your law firm. These social media legal marketing strategies can help you in optimizing your Facebook Ad campaigns such that you’ll be able to drive more clients and generate more leads for your law firm. You must also focus on optimizing the landing pages on your website so that, in the end, you are also able to convert those leads into real client calls and appointments

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