3 Ways You Can Use Inbound Marketing For Cross Product Selling


Dec 19, 2016


2 min read

fy58o0p400With the increasing competition in the business world, the marketing procedures are constantly evolving. As Inbound marketing is on the rise, it has become easier for the companies to promote their cross product selling. To thrive in this highly competitive market, the companies need to include sound strategies. This helps in incorporating cross sell into the marketing strategy so as to make complete utilization of the hard won existing customer base.

While the companies are busy marketing their products, they often tend to forget their existing customer base. This base can provide a huge cross product selling.

This blog will discuss in detail about the ways in which you can boost up your cross product selling by using inbound marketing.

1. Focus on existing customer data

The whole concept is to sell new products to your existing customers. Since, you already have earned their trust before, they will be more open to hear about your new products as well. The first step is to check the analytics and take a note of the valuable information. You can do the following:

  • Create a separate customer list for each service and product.
  • Have a look at the customer’s past purchase history and send emails accordingly.
  • Focus on particular segments in the content

The positive impact of cross product selling and it’s success will depend highly on the segment that you create for the customers. In short, the analytics plays a major role in taking up the cross product selling of your company.

2. A smart content is necessary

Since, content is the ‘king’ now, you can make full utilization of a smart content to enhance the cross selling of your product. You can use a content, tailored and personalized to suit the needs of your customers on the website. The basic trick is to have a proper understanding of the products which are highly beneficial for the existing customers, based on their purchase history. An important way by which smart content can be leveraged is by sending promotional emails. The importance of promotional and properly written emails will always be there in marketing even after your contact have become your customer. So, to have an effective cross product selling, you need to generate smart contents.

3. Make use of social media

Social media is the best platform, where you can promote your products and engage with your customers and contacts. Give them the platform of the social media to share their experiences. Make LinkedIn group/answer areas, promote on facebook and start a discussion. The basic idea is to make all the existing customers get involved in the discussion about the new product. Social media is a powerful tool and you can use it for inbound marketing to enhance your cross product selling.

Therefore, inbound marketing is not just a simple way of creating leads, but also to ensure that you can reap the maximum benefit from your existing client base. The basic tricks is thus to take full advantage of a smart content and email marketing, making use of social media and maintaining product pages that is often customized as per client requirements.

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