Why You Need Multilingual SEO

Every business owner yearns a global presence. But it doesn’t have to be physical anymore, with the help of the web and search engines, it has now become easier than ever to maintain a global presence digitally. But one thing stands in your way before you could connect with every person in the world through your website – Language.

Only 25% of the internet is in English, that means you are missing out on capturing traffic of 75% of the web, which apparently is a lot! Don’t miss out on that traffic. Optimizing your search game for other languages becomes all the more important if you have an e-commerce store or provide some kind of special services and you receive traffic from all over the globe.

While implementing a plugin to automatically translate your web pages to a specific language might seem effective at first, their translations must not be trusted completely. Also, when it comes to optimizing your own website content according to the most searched keywords for a specific language, direct translations don’t help much. You will have to research specific keywords for a specific language that ranks well for that language and at the same time, it must resonate perfectly with what you do.

Seems hard? It is when you don’t know the language you are targeting. Fortunately, our multilingual SEO services can help. Our team of Search Engine Optimization experts is well versed with working their SEO magic in many languages other than English as well. We will identify the perfect keywords for your target language and optimize all your website and blog content for those keywords for maximum results.

Some Of Our Core Processes For Multilingual SEO


Website Compatibility Analysis

We analyze your main website first to make sure that it’s optimized locally. Working on the Local SEO of your main website first is important as it lays a strong foundation for getting ranked locally in other areas as well.


Accessing Local Market Behaviour

Because of the natural, cultural and geographical gap, we carefully access the key buying behaviors of your target market and optimize your website for the same to boost conversions.


Linguistic Keyword Research

It’s not as simple as downloading a translator plugin for your website, you’ll have to carefully access the popular search terms prevalent in your target market. Our linguists can help you with that!


On-Page Optimizations

Updating the meta-structure of your local website targeting a specific geographic area in accordance with the keyword research helps local search engines understand your web content better and rank it on it’s SERPs.


Off-Page Optimizations

Finding the best local opportunities is vital to get your global website ranked in certain geographical areas. We will help you find the best link-building opportunities in specific local markets to rank globally.


Monitoring and Maintenance

The most searched keywords for different areas tend to change over time, we keep a close look an all your targeted geographical locations and update your web copy accordingly to give you a competitive edge.

Why You Should Work With Us


Global Multilingual Expertise

We already have strategic partnerships in place with native speakers of different geographical locations all over the globe to deliver a top-notch multilingual SEO service.


Extensive Research

We make use of our years of expertise working with global businesses to figure out the best local keywords that can make your website rank prominently on Google’s SERPs.


Quality Content

We don’t use any translation service found on the web, our linguist specialists carefully translate all your web pages to make sure quality is consistent throughout all your translated material.

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