Are you experiencing a sudden drop in traffic? Or is your website not showing up in Google anymore? If that happened to you overnight, chances are high that you’ve been recently hit by a Google Penalty. Fret not, our Google Recovery Services have been proven to reverse it completely and will surely make your site as good as new. Google uses 2 core search algorithms to rank websites on its SERP’s – Panda and Penguin. If any of these algorithms conclude that your website is spammy, chances are high that your website will soon face some serious backlash from Google. Also, your website can be manually marked spammy by the spam specialists at Google itself. Doesn’t matter the type of penalty,  our SEO experts can reverse its effect in no-time. We manually conduct a full-site audit of your website to point-out the exact problems in it that could be the reason Google penalized your website in the first place and then work around optimizing it to get back in the good books of Google. We can recover your website from the harshest of Google penalties.

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The first step of recovering your website from a Google penalty is to figure out exactly what kind of penalty your site is hit with and the obvious violations because of which the penalty was imposed in the first place. With the help of Google Webmaster tools, we list exactly which penalty your site is hit with and the roadmap to organically recover from it.


Google Panda Penalty Recovery Services

A site is usually penalized by the Panda algorithm if it contains low-quality content. Basically, content that provides little to no value to readers, is keyword stuffed or is straight-out plagiarized can be deemed as worthy of getting a penalty from Google. If your site suffers from a Panda penalty, we will audit all the content on your website or blog and weed out all the irrelevant content that is hurting your website. For quick recovery from a Panda Penalty, we will optimize all the content on your website by wrapping it around relevant keywords in your industry to regain authority in the eyes of Google.


Google Penguin Penalty Recovery Services

If your site has many bad, low-authority backlinks, getting a Google Penguin penalty is not something you can evade very easily. To reverse a Penguin penalty, we use the appropriate tools to access your website’s backlink profile from top to bottom and remove all the spammy, low-authority backlinks one by one. On top of that, we simultaneously work on securing new, high-authority backlinks for your website that are relevant to your industry with the help of our link building services for speedy recovery.


Google Manual Penalty Recovery Services

Your website can also be hit with a manual penalty, done by Google’s team of detecting web spam themselves. If you’re hit with a manual penalty, it will be clearly specified in your Google Webmaster tool and the exact reason why they chose to impose a penalty on your website. Engaging in link farms, having spammy backlinks or automatic directory submissions to hundred of website at a time can trigger a manual penalty on your website and are some of the most common reasons websites get a manual penalty for. We can take care of all that.

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