Voice Search Is On The Rise, Get Your Content Optimization Guide


Adi Kumar


Dec 16, 2022


5 min read


The world of SEO keeps on evolving and every change on the online platform acts as a springboard for an addition or alteration of SEO. What you have been using now might not be this effective after 1 or 2 years and that’s why adaptability is the key to success in the digital world. Even the technological innovations that extend the boundaries of businesses introduce many new concepts, theories, statistics, and tools. And one such tool that is going to influence your content marketing strategy is voice search.

With 5.16 billion people using mobile phones and 39 million Americans owning smart speakers, people are making a paradigm shift to voice search instead of typing. This is because speech-to-text is generally three times faster and thus is more convenient. And since this will have an impact on SEO optimization, you will have to optimize your content in order to stay relevant on the online platform.

 It is being estimated that the proliferation of voice search will bring along many changes in SEO practices and that’s why it is being advised to all the businesses that they should keep tabs on changes and act accordingly.

So, in order to make you capitalize on this new SEO trend, we have designed this content optimization guide based on voice search. Keep reading to stay illuminated.

Why do you need to optimize your content for voice search?

The main reason behind this is how people find information on the digital platform through voice search will be a far cry from how people find information when they type. For example, while typing, a person may use ‘best gaming laptop’ in the search box but the same person will say‘ Which is the best gaming laptop under $100?’ if he will go for voice search.

These types of changes will have a huge impact on how you have been optimizing your content till now and this is why you will need to opt for NJ voice search optimization services. There are now even best voice search optimization services available in the market and you can opt for their world-class service.

There are different forms of content that will be affected because of voice search but by using the right tactics, you can easily step up.

Here are the 5 ways you can optimize your content for voice search - 

  • Use questions in a conversational form

You must have seen that people generally ask their voice assistants just like how they communicate with a person and they never use specific keywords. This trend is growing across mobile phones as well because even on mobile phones, people find information by asking questions, not by using certain keywords.

So, you will have to make sure that enough questions words like ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘when’, ‘where’ are already incorporated in your content. And this is because most voice searches start with these question-based words. Even if you will hire an SEO specialist, he will suggest you incorporate question-based words in your content.

  • Take advantage of featured snippets

Featured snippets are going to become the star of SEO optimization, especially because of the voice search. Featured snippets are a type of selected search results that are featured in Google search results and they are located below the ads and above the organic search. When you will hire SEO specialists then even they will advise you using featured snippets for voice search.

The best thing about featured snippets is it gives answers to the questions of the user right away and the rise of voice search has fueled its importance. If you will optimize your content to appear in the featured snippets then the voice assistant will directly read the answer from there.

Don’t forget optimizing your business listing

Even your business listing is going to play an important role in making your content voice search-friendly. You will need to make sure that your detailed business listing is clean and clear. Along with this, you will also need to ensure that the address, phone number, and name data are accurate and up to date. This will help you in the current COVID-19 situation as well because during the lockdown, an increasing number of people will be going for local shops and through the proper business listing, you can take advantage of localization. 

You will be surprised to know that businesses from all around the world lose around $10.3 billion dollars, just because of their careless business listing. And since voice searches are going to lead people directly to a business listing, you will need to make sure that they are 100% accurate.

Change the length of keywords

In most of the cases, the spoken language is lengthier than written language and therefore, voice search will demand the incorporation of long term keywords in your content. Because of the rise of voice search, now queries will not be limited to only 2 to 3 keywords. Even now, the average length of a voice search is generally 29 words. Just using short tail keywords won’t let you capitalize on the rise of voice search.

If you are not familiar with long-tail keywords then you also opt for NJ voice search optimization services and they will give you complete details of how to incorporate long-tail keywords in the content in order to make the most of voice search and maintain or improve your ranking.

Focus on user intent

All the users want quick, informative, and actual results and this is what you will need to give them. Talking specifically about voice searches, you will need to pay attention to the user intent. Like people generally rely on voice search for finding addresses, directions, local shops, etc. This is why users might not visit your official business website but Google will show them the top locations and sites below the result and this is where you can capitalize. By using local searches and content based on local marketing, you can take advantage of the user intent as well.

Take Away

Voice search still has a long way to go and businesses will find many ways to benefit from it. But if you will go through the reports and analysis, then you will realize that the trend of voice search is going to grow at a very fast pace and that’s why it will be better for all the businesses to be prepared for it.

The way you will optimize your content will have a huge effect on your voice search strategy and this is why it will be better for your company if you will go for voice search optimization services and take advantage of the growing trend of voice search. 

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This blog was originally posted on 23rd June 2020

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