Top WordPress Themes For Creating The Best Dental Websites (Updated)


Feb 12, 2018


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According to a study conducted in 2019, the global dental care market was worth 44.5 Billion dollars. Another survey published in 2019 said that there were 200,419 active dentists in the USA, so now you can have a rough idea about the number of dental websites in USA. Such colossal numbers signify a high demand for good oral care facilities. Thus, we can assume that an increase in the demand for overall dental care facilities means an increase in demand for online dental services. Hence, it is a highly viable option for dentists to promote their practices and services over the internet. There are paid and free WordPress themes for dental websites that can help a dental care business create rich, premium, user-friendly, and easily searchable websites. If you are looking for the best WordPress themes for dentists, then you have landed yourself in the right place! 

We have created a collection of top-notch WordPress themes that are highly suited for dental care practices. The below-mentioned WordPress dentist themes can help you launch your online dental practice with minimal effort. Many of these themes have more than one in-built website demos; the below-mentioned themes offer various templates that you can utilize in your inner web pages. With these themes, you can access a complete set of customizations, which shall give your website a personalized touch while maintaining the intuitiveness of your design.

Some of the mentioned WordPress themes also allow dentists to incorporate an online appointment booking system or help them utilize online payment collection. In addition to that, if there are some missing features in your desired theme, you can use third-party WordPress plugins to implement them. You must also check the demos of the WordPress themes as they will give you a clear idea about your website’s visual appearance. Let’s look into the top WordPress themes that are highly suited for dental care businesses in 2021.

Trending WordPress Themes For Developing The Best Dental Websites

1. ProDent: Create The Best Dental Websites!

ProDent is one of the most popular WordPress themes that can help you develop ultra-modern websites for your dental clinic. Several dental marketing strategies recommend using the ProDent WordPress theme as it allows you to create stylish homepage designs. It offers you a re-built dentist website that helps you seamlessly launch your professional online business over the internet. The homepage designs offer a full-screen slideshow that provides tons of options for dental care businesses to feature their photos or images on their website. Visitors can scroll down and directly book an appointment. Hence, you don’t have to worry about client acquisition; ProDent shall help you gather more potential clients. With this new theme, your visitors will be able to fill the appointment form quickly. 

With ProDent, you also have the option to display your contact number; therefore, a potential client can instantly call your clinic to book an appointment. Apart from all these features, you also have the option to highlight your best dental services; all credit goes to the feature grid available on the homepage. The ProDent website theme is packed with various other sections that are optional; since you have a wide range of options, you can create website elements as per your business needs. ProDent also offers rich and engaging homepage designs and multiple templates for your website’s inner pages.


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2. Dentalia: Stunning Websites For Dentists And Healthcare Services

Dentalia is a dedicated WordPress theme for dental and medical practitioners that enables them to develop beautiful websites. Almost everyone from the healthcare field, who has an online business, can use this WordPress Theme. However, Dentalia can be the perfect option for dentists as it helps them align their critical practices with the homepage design. 

The homepage offers some trending web design trends, including various sections to showcase your services, animated slider along with full-width layout, etc. With Dentalia, you can customize almost every website element as per your requirements by using the control panel. You can develop unique color schemes, create multiple fonts, and choose from a diverse range of icons. You can also add appealing illustrations to your website that can make your website look very engaging. Check out the Dentalia demo to see its effectiveness.


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3. MediClinic: The Multi-Purpose Medical WordPress Theme.

Yes, MediClinic is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that offers impressive dental website demos too. You have an option to check out twelve website demos with great designs. It is a purpose-built dentist theme that allows you to import the entire website to your WordPress dental clinic website in some clicks. Once that is achieved, you need to replace the demo images and texts with your content. If you have a dedicated content marketing strategy, you can combine it with this theme to engage more visitors. With MediClinic, you also get tons of customizations that you can utilize with your content. 

It offers a variety of theme controls through which you can tweak the color palette of your website, the layout, font, etc. With the help of the theme control panel, you don’t have to change the line of code. The MediClinic package also includes the premium Visual Composer, a page builder plugin that allows you to use your creative juices to create enticing page designs. You can also use this tool to curate any pre-built content. MediClinic offers you the option to develop web pages from the templates or use your creativity to develop one. All these premium features make this WordPress theme one of the most flexible WordPress themes of 2021.


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4. Dentist WP: Build Professional, Modern Websites.

Dentist WP is an excellent option for professionals who run an online dental clinic as it enables them to create modern website designs. Not just dentists but a diverse range of professionals from medical-related services can utilize this WordPress theme. No matter what specialization you belong to, Dentist WP allows you to use features that can make your website a sure shot success. You can check their main demo, which is set up especially for dentists to see how their website shall look with this WordPress theme. 

Once you decide on the theme, you can instantly import the primary demo content to your website; after that, you can replace it with your original content. Replacing texts, fonts, content, etc., is relatively easy on Dentist WP. Apart from this, you also have the option to create your website from scratch. You can choose a blank canvas to which you can add new templates. Hence, Dentist WP allows you to create a custom dental WordPress website. There are many features in the Dentist WP WordPress package; these include online booking and scheduling options, case study templates, image sliders, etc. These features can help you build credibility among new visitors because through these features.

You can share your success stories, records, statistics, etc. You can also develop a different section to highlight your critical services. This particular theme also allows you to integrate Google Maps on your website that helps you in sharing your clinic’s location with your customers. This addition can help you enhance your Google My Business strategy. Dentist WP is a popular choice among online dental services because it offers a complete mobile responsive design; hence, you can attract customers who use their mobile devices to book appointments.


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The WordPress themes mentioned above can help you create a premium online presence, attract more clients, and gain more revenues. Today, many dental practitioners are garnering the returns from these WordPress themes; if you are a dental practitioner, then it’s time for you to use one of them. Each of them has its specialty; it all depends on what you want from your website. If you are looking for a well-recognized agency that creates the best dental websites, Saffron Edge is the answer! At Saffron Edge, we deliver top-notch dental marketing solutions that can help you fetch more returns and more clients. Get in touch with us to see how you can expand your online reach and business.