Tips on How to Market Your Criminal Defense Attorney Practice


Nov 23, 2021


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For most Americans, criminal law is one of the most familiar types of law. This particular law section has been streamlined through extensive media coverage and viral shows like Law and Order. Criminal incidents can always be found making headlines in the newspaper and becoming the prime-time news on televisions. Even high-profile criminal matters attract attention from both the national and international levels.  criminal law

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In 2019 alone, more than 12.9 million violent cases were lodged, and almost 10.1 million arrests were made. But even while practicing in such a famous and demanding area, criminal defense attorneys need to implement best practices for achieving marketing success.  So, instead of just relying on word of mouth and local references, criminal defense attorneys need to start harnessing the power of digital marketing in the right manner. Let's discuss how we are going to address this in our blog post in a detailed manner.  This blog post will walk you through the best practices of criminal defense attorneys marketing which you can use in your services. 

Locate the niche and never forget to consider your audience 

There is no way you can reach the best clients if you don't consider the target audience. While working on your criminal defense marketing strategy, you should always focus on identifying the target audience. It boosts the return on investment on different digital marketing channels and increases the number of leads with buying intent.    Criminal Defense

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The best way to identify your target audience is to begin an internal examination of the niche and the type of clients you can serve. For example, suppose you are a criminal lawyer who has specialization in divorce cases. In that case, you will never wish your digital ads to appear in the timeline of those people who are not even married yet. 

Build yourself as an authoritative body through the power of content 

When it comes to specialized services like a criminal attorney, people only look for the best experts. Therefore, it becomes necessary to establish yourself as an authority on the digital platform. The best way to achieve this is by publishing quality content regularly, as it helps convey your authority and expertise. But instead of settling for cookie-cutters like About Us and Contact Us pages, you should get serious about creating value-laden blogs, videos, and articles on different topics.  Criminal Defense Attorney

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Make sure that quality content production and publishing is always on the top of your priority list when it comes to criminal defense marketing strategy; otherwise, your expertise is going to be confined within your office only.

1. Optimize for organic searches

Just having a website and a couple of good blogs isn't enough to shine in the highly competitive market of criminal lawyers, as these basic practices won't boost your ranking. Thus potential clients will never be able to find your website.  You must rely on organic searches to increase your website traffic and for getting quality leads. But there are many factors that experts focus on while designing digital marketing for criminal defense lawyers and while working on organic searches. From the type of keywords you use to the user-friendliness of your website, everything plays a role in organic SEO, and this is why it is always a better idea to get in touch with an expert who can work on marketing for criminal defense lawyers on the digital platform.

2. Amplify your SEO efforts with paid ads 

The main thing to focus on while working on criminal defense advertising is to increase visibility on SERP. While SEO is focused on the organic website listing, there are many other ways you can get quick results, like in the case of paid ads. In the past couple of years, Google has significantly increased the number of paid ads on the first page compared to organic searches. So, by using paid ads on SERP, you can increase the odds of potential clients landing on your website. You can start with traditional PPCs and Local Service Ads during the initial few months of paid criminal defense advertising. After that, you can start using the services offered by experts and make the most of the money spent on paid ads.

3. Encourage customer reviews 

Never underestimate the power of reviews while working in the legal sector, as potential clients are always looking for something to authenticate the lawyers and their services. You should always encourage your clients to post reviews and then use them in your Google My Business listing to build a strong reputation.  In addition to Google, you can use other platforms like Yelp to increase the number of positive reviews and gain the trust of potential clients. With almost every customer checking online reviews, don't be surprised if your clients do the same before choosing your service.  An ideal marketing strategy for criminal lawyers requires consideration of specific practice areas and channels that will prove to be highly effective in reaching the right clients, at the right time and through the right channel.  While the list of digital marketing tips is endless, the ones mentioned in this blog post have been chosen based on the specific needs of criminal lawyers, and that's why they are always going to streamline the marketing approach. 


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