Telling Your Brand Story is Easier With Amazon Video Ads. Here’s How You Can Do This!


Sep 7, 2022


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Experience data from Amazon shows that consumers are 3.6 times more likely to make a purchase after watching a video on a product listing. For brands and sellers on Amazon, video is increasingly integral to any successful marketing plan. The finest and simplest approach to communicate the narrative of your product is through video, since it provides the next best thing to a hancommunicatingds-on experience for potential customers.

Amazon has rolled out Amazon Live, which allows users to shop through Livestream with influencers, prioritized videos over photographs on listings, and embraced Sponsored Brands Video commercials and OTT advertising. Video legitimizes your goods and brand among a sea of untrustworthy and unlicen0sed vendors on Amazon, making it an essential component of the buyer’s journey.

What are Amazon Sponsored Brand Video ads?

Using pay-per-click (PPC) adverts, Amazon merchants may promote their wares in the search results of relevant consumer inquiries at no upfront cost. Amazon’s introduction of video ad spots expanded the possibilities for marketers to use engaging video content to boost sales. It’s a great chance to stand out from the competition because some vendors won’t be brand registered, won’t have the resources to make a film, or won’t care to.

If you’re looking to increase your Amazon PPC campaign’s ROI, why not use video ads? Advertisement, like many other fields, is always being reshaped by historical events. A near-unanimous majority (96%) of respondents indicated that their consumption of internet video material was affected by the epidemic.

By 2022, consumer internet traffic is expected to be made up of 82% video, according to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index. It’s obvious: videos have surpassed all other forms of media in terms of popularity. If you’re an Amazon seller, now is the moment to take advantage of the platform’s growing popularity. In addition to that, the benefits listed below are provided by Amazon’s video advertising:

  • Amazon’s video ad platform can attract and hold the attention of viewers on mobile and desktop devices. One of the most effective methods for marketers to communicate a compelling brand story is through the use of videos, which offer several advantages over static photos.
  • Aim – By using well-chosen keywords, you may connect with people who are actively looking for items like yours.
  • Create an integrated advertising campaign using the Sponsored Ads creative builder with minimal work and time spent. In order to share your video, you should treat it like any other creative material and upload it.

Varieties of Amazon Product Videos

Animated and lifestyle videos are the two primary formats you may use to boost your Amazon listings using. Amazon lets you add up to six videos to a listing, but we recommend you stick to a maximum of three per item.

We discovered that spending money on a single, high-quality piece of video material yields the best results, and may act as the “star” of your listing. Additional movies might be useful provided their distinct purposes for the buyer are made apparent. If your hero video focuses solely on promoting the product, a second video explaining how to assemble and/or set up the product can be useful.

First impressions are crucial to making a sale, so pick a strategy that fits your product and brand and is as consistent and user-friendly as feasible.

  • Marketing Animated Spot for a New Item

Animated videos showcasing the benefits of your product that last between 30 and 60 seconds may be a very powerful marketing tool. Storefront and Video Ads are great places to showcase product videos if your brand has been registered.

  • Product Promo for the Modern Way of Life

To show your potential customers how your product may improve their lives and how it can be integrated into their everyday routine, consider creating a lifestyle film. Research shows that lifestyle films (those lasting 30 seconds to an hour) have a 30% greater CTR than animated ones. To illustrate the type of lifestyle video that may be seen on Necklet’s Shopfront, consider the following.

  • Playing Videos on Amazon

Sponsored Products on Amazon When there is at least half of the video visible on screen, the adverts begin playing. They are clickable and take the user straight to the product detail page, where they may read reviews, see additional images, and make a purchase. Customers’ perception of your brand and product will improve when they see it in action in a video ad, and they’ll appreciate a respite from the sea of text and photos they’ll otherwise have to wade through on Amazon. Ads should be between 15 and 30 seconds long, with mobile in mind (so that the product and text don’t get too tiny on the screen).

Advertising with video for Amazon’s sponsored products

Maintain your viewers’ interest in your Sponsored Brands Video advertising by:

Within the first few seconds, clearly demonstrate the product’s value and usefulness while delivering your brand’s narrative visually using closed captions that end with a clear call to action.

We observed that an efficient Amazon PPC management plan may improve sales by as much as 50% on average, which is a significant return on investment.

For those who sell products on Amazon, here are some tips for creating effective Sponsored Brand Video Ads.

How can you get the most out of your Amazon Brand Video Ads campaign? Recall the first of these things even if you don’t remember the others.

1. Identify your target demographic and establish objectives.

The most effective strategy for promoting your product in an Amazon Advertising Sponsored Brand Video will be determined by what your target audience is looking for. But before you can figure out what they like, you need to know who you’re writing for. The next stage is to develop a thorough consumer profile of the kind of person you want to convince to buy the product you’re promoting.

Once you know who you’re doing the video for, you can decide what you want it to accomplish. You need to know how many people will see your ads and how many will actually buy something. To what extent do your advertisements lead to actual sales? Create benchmarks to measure your progress toward your objectives. Your success as an Amazon advertiser depends on constantly analyzing data and launching new video ad campaigns.

2. Focus on your ideal customer

The demands of your target audience should be at the forefront of every product photo and line of dialogue. The primary focus of your video should be on showing viewers why they need your product.

The trick is to zero in on a certain type of buyer and emphasize how your items will be of most use to them. There are two primary goals of successful advertising campaigns. Ads typically start by addressing the issues that consumers have. Second, the commercials feature the outcomes achieved by customers after employing the advertised solutions to their problems.

3. Experiment with Storytelling Video

Learning more about how to use story components like characters and storyline to captivate an audience through video is a wonderful place to start. Therefore, it is crucial to not just include these components in your Amazon Ad campaign, but to use them to construct a full story. Successful video advertising campaigns use all the tools of storytelling to captivate viewers and get them interested in the product or service being promoted. Think of it as a challenge to make a 30-second commercial that tells a compelling tale.

4. Add Branding Elements and Captions

Your company’s logo and the name of the advertised product should appear in every video ad. Put your brand’s colors, typography, and other identifiers to use. Closed captioning is a very important visual addition. CC helps in two different ways. Before watching your video, people will stop and read the text. Second, it facilitates understanding of your offerings by the deaf community.

5. Conclude with a compelling call to action

Do not forget to end with a clear call to action. Create something intriguing and easy to remember to boost sales. Make it obvious what consumers should do after seeing the video ad by inserting information about your business or website for clickable links.

Taking Advantage of Amazon’s Brand Story Function

If your brand is eligible, you should consider adding Amazon’s Brand Story function to your arsenal. It may help you stand out from the crowd, strengthen consumer loyalty, and expand your brand’s influence. New enhancements to the Amazon Brand Story function allow you to attract and retain consumers by highlighting your company’s product offerings. Given that Amazon Brand Story is still in its infancy and that its regulations and best practices are still being refined, having a team of specialists on your side is highly recommended. To increase sales and profits, use Amazon Brand Story to its fullest potential.


What is a Brand Sponsored Video?

One novel strategy for promoting your goods on Amazon is to create a sponsored brand video.

2. Are Amazon Video Ads available to everyone with products on Amazon?

No. These advertisements are now quite niche, being made available to just those vendors that are part of the Brand Registry program.

3. Is there a certain format for a Sponsored Brand Video to follow?

Yes. Your video’s duration should be between 15 and 30 seconds at most. In addition, there are several technical requirements that must be met, including certain dimensions, file sizes, and file formats.

4. Is it effective to advertise on Amazon videos?

Yes, that’s what we thought! Video commercials on Amazon have less competition than print ads because they aren’t as common and can be more expensive to produce. Jump in now to discover whether this form of marketing will help your business.