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SEO has always been an essential part of online business. With continuously evolving search algorithms, it becomes crucial for businesses to analyze the system time-to-time, and optimize the websites SEO according to the new trends in the search market. Some of which are explained below –


With the introduction of BERT, Google has leaped forward in providing users with an enriched search result experience and is focusing more on the search intent and not the search string. Earlier, it was easier to punch in high-quality keywords and optimize your website based on what people are searching for. But now, things are going to get a little tricky as the natural language will be processed, and results will be provided based on what seekers are looking for.

Smart SEOs have taken the place of the keywords-based optimization, and editing featured snippets has become difficult. Different keyword tools will no longer be relevant as primary datasets for content creation with be based on pertinent search queries. So, a lot of attention has to be given to user-focused optimization for doing well in 2020.

Keyword planning will go obsolete shortly as predicted by Senior SEO Managers of reputed organizations. So, it’s almost mandatory that new strategies are created to go in sync with intent-based algorithms to rank high in the search results.

User Experience And Technical Seo-

Emphasis has to be given on the technical SEO and user-experience on the website. Through technical SEO you optimize your crawling, indexing which helps amplify the overall user-experience of the viewers.

Important things that are to be checked for the best user-experience and growth hacking in 2020 are-
Making the website mobile friendly –
Google now prefers and ranks mobile-friendly and responsive websites over the non-responsive ones. This is not a new practice, but it is necessary for giving the users the best run-through experience, which again boosts your standing. Making responsive websites are also important in gaining edges in the smart-phone driven world.
Optimizing XML Sitemaps-
Sitemaps help to index the website URL on the search consoles. This also gives you the option to prioritize your high-quality pages and index them accordingly.

Optimizing Internal Linkings-
Technical SEOs play an essential part while rating your websites, and internal linking is one of the most critical technical SEO bullet points. It’s essential to check that your website is thoroughly interlinked.

Secured Website –
Securing websites don’t have to do anything with the SEO, but it’s essential that you secure your web pages for enhanced user experience. Your customers will walk away from your website if they see a “not secure” warning. They perhaps would decide not to proceed with your webpage. This would impact your bounce rates, which would eventually affect your overall position on the search result page.

Structuring the data –

2020 will see a lot of changes happening in and around the search algorithms, and high intent-driven content will play a massive role in this process. But, the tricks are not easy; search algorithms don’t fully understand the context of the content. Structuring the data becomes critical here.

Data structuring means organizing the information in such a way that gives out “hints” to the search algorithms about the content. It’s critical to understand and give relevant hints to the system, which specifies not just what is on the page but also tells the system about each component connected with the page and other pages as well. The ultimate goal is to be understood both by search mechanisms and customers. Taking advantage of these options always helps to get through those search results.


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Entity Optimization-

Google finds ways to incorporate your entity details along with the information it has about your website. Optimizing local SEOs is always important, but it has gone to a different level all-together. Optimizing local SEO has been there for years, and one can always optimize your local SEO and rank itself in the search results even if they don’t own a website. Good entity-based SEO systems also help to grow and capture customers searching for services nearby.

Zero-click searches
Answering customer search queries in the SERP features (Featured Snippets, Knowledge Graphs, Google Local Packs, etc.) itself helps to tap the customers on your website and increases your CTR rate.

With more than 5000 search results popping out with every search query, you must try to add in meta descriptions that brief your customers about the page and their query.

A successful marketer is somebody who can actually bring in people to the platform through clicks and not just tell people about the services through impressions-zero click search strategies help you do just that.

Identifying which keywords bring customers involves tactics. Using tools like Rank Tracker along with your Google Search console account can boost your keyword analysis and drive qualified audiences. This helps you save a lot of time and effort when you are optimizing for queries with keywords like “when,” “how,” “In which year,” etc.

Brand Building

Sting based keyword attachments and blind stuffing are not going to help anymore, brand building and social media exercises are taking all the show-lights. Although paid campaigns on social media platforms are doing well, marketers are also focusing on organic brand-building through regular updates and social media handles. SEO keyword optimization processes are going off with new settings on the search algorithms, so you must hit out through different means, and brand building is one among the best on the list.

When viewers know about your brand, they will automatically search about it and, in the end, bring more traffic.

Voice Search Website Optimization

People traditionally used strings and search based attachments to optimize their websites according to the keyword data available. But with a lot of people using voice searches for their queries, Optimising for that also becomes necessary, Ok Google has now become an interactive way to search about a certain thing, and a marketer should know how to optimize for that as well to gauge with a lot of search queries.

Voice searches have a huge impact on SEO as it’s more conversational and targeted, which facilitates Google’s ultimate aim of making the search results more intent-based.

Video Optimization –

Video Marketing is the most interactive means of indirect conversations, and it holds the edge in search results as well. Optimizing SEO structures for videos is essential to get a good rank on Google’s search results. Making responsive videos for mobile and desktop is essential for better search ranks on platforms and search pages.

Apart from the dynamic platforms, it’s essential to make interactive videos that give out all the information it’s made to give, with a catchy title and a good thumbnail.

Adding captions and choosing a trendy topic assists an interaction with the viewers that eventually helps the overall growth of the company.

Creating good quality videos about the services will not be enough because of the heavy competition, it should be regulated with advertising campaigns as well, and choosing the right audience to advertise those videos is crucial with the new algorithms coming up.


With keyword planners slowly going off the search markets, it becomes really important that emphasis is given to other key elements involved in search optimization.
New algorithms should go in sync with development of new strategies which should inculcate the ways which can give users the best experience.

SEO Trend

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