Questions That You Should Ask to Hire a Powerful Inbound Marketing Agency in India


Mar 11, 2016


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Since the onset of the digital age and the marketing platform moving towards the digital marketing, it is very important to know how to source the right agency that meets your needs. Even if you google your search typing “popular inbound marketing agencies in india”, you are bound to get 3,44,000 results! This is very obvious that to shortlist one agency out of these is going to be a nightmarish task for anybody. Even if you use the HubSpot platform, they might whittle down this list to a mere thousands, but that’s not enough, is it?

So we are going to provide you some questions that will give you a fair idea to shortlist that one agency that you are looking for. If we miss out on any of the questions that you feel like must be added to the list, then provide us with your valuable comments and we’ll modify this blog according. We also want you to share this blog as much as you can so that other businesses in need get the hang of what to do next in hiring an inbound marketing agency.

What Makes You Hire The Inbound Marketing Agency

1. Marketing

Did you like the agency’s marketing work done in the past? If a marketing agency struggles to find leads and customers for itself then probably same is the thing that they are going to do for you!

2. How did you find this agency?

  • SEO: Was the agency’s website rank well for the keywords that I’ve searched?
    After clicking on the website, were you efficiently directed to the products/services page?
  • Social Media: How engaging is their content on social media channels?
    Do they have enough of following and does the fans like what the agency posts?
  • Email: The landing page where I gave them my email ID was it enticing?
    Did the emails from the agency help me move closer towards a decision?
  • Design:  How does their website look?
    Are the graphics used on the website catchy?
  • Website Content:  How well is the website designed?
    Does it helps me in understanding about their inbound practices? Is it just like every other agency?
    How engaging is the blog’s page on the website(if any)?When was it last updated and what is the frequency?
  • Lead Generation:  How effectively did the agency contact you(if they did) even after looking at their products or services page and not making any sales?
    Was the landing page form catchy to give your contact details?
    Did they offer you anything to convert you into a lead? Are they similar to the other agencies?Let’s say you are convinced with one of the agencies and have become a marketing lead for them. Now is the time to look at their sales process.

3. Sales

Questions to ask about the sales process of the agency:

How was I contacted by the agency? Did I like it?
What was the understanding for the sales people about the Inbound Marketing?

Were they able to convince you that how how their agency was different from the other agencies? Even if you hired this agency will they be able to convert leads into sales for you?First Impression is the last impression!

4. Writers

Inbound Marketing is all about generating curiosity for readers and help them understand how your product is gonna solve their problem. For this purpose, the writers hired by the agency should be able to generate content that actually convinces someone how your product stands above the products offered by your competitors.

Questions for writers:

Does the agency has in-house writers or does it outsource the writing part?
Will your company get a dedicated writer or you will get the one whoever is available at the time?
Have the writers written any piece of content related to your industry?

5. Marketers

Same thing goes for while shortlisting any marketer from the agency:

Who will be assigned your company’s project?
What kind of experience he or she has?

6. Client Management

Will I personally blend in with the people at the marketing agency? This is important to know because you are going to work with agency for at least 8- 12 months to make the inbound marketing success.

7. Proposal and Contract

After all the back and forth of communications, you are bound to get a proposal. Now it is as per your liking that how good a proposal you get from the agency. It should be able to provide you with answers for questions like: how is the company planning to report on the tasks that they did for you, how will they handle the scope of project that are not included in the contract, will they be able to meet deadlines. If you do get a convincing answers then we believe that your search for the right agency is over. We hope that this article should be able to guide you in the right direction for hiring the most powerful inbound agency.
Good Luck!


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