Marketing Automation Trends One Needs To Follow in 2021


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Jul 8, 2021


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Marketing is one of the prime topics that every business looks forward to and most probably the first thing in mind when a company wants to open up its trading channels. Marketing is a method to build an engaging relationship with your consumer base and is considered an ever-lasting procedure to provide them with what they want. With the advancement in technology, marketing, and other business functions have experienced significant improvements in their functionality. Modern-day technological changes have revolutionized marketing; it has become more efficient yet more complex. The future of marketing shall focus on delivering a top-notch customer experience. There will be extensive utilization of data and analytics to create better marketing campaigns.

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What Is Marketing Automation?

Having that said, this gives rise to a modern-day concept called Marketing Automation. Marketing automation has generated a huge buzz; all credit goes to its ability to generate revenue and save costs. As the name suggests, marketing automation means using technology and advanced software drivers to maneuver marketing functions for any business. Marketing-Automation

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There has been an incredible spike in the percentage of CMOs using sales intelligent platforms to get closer to their customers. According to a recent survey, 90% of the CMOs, from some of the world's leading companies plan to incorporate marketing automation tools by the end of 2021. Automation has a profound outcome on marketing and other tasks of managing a business firm by keeping it updated and relevant to customer’s demands. It is also a well-known fact that technology is taking over every aspect, department, and task. Therefore, it is better to make the most of marketing automation to become more effective in terms of market reach and cope with the challenges of the marketing function.

Benefits Of Marketing Automation

Advertising about your product/service in local newspapers or putting out advert and bulletins on a business website is a must-to-do chore; however, it could sometimes become repetitive for the department. Automation comes into play and drives the marketing functions of your business firm in a much simpler, productive manner. Along with that, it plays an essential role in providing numerous benefits to your business like -
  • Lead Generation - It is one of those things that a business firm strives for via its daily operations. Lead generation is a process where the customer grows interested in your offered product or services. Bringing automation into marketing functions aids your business to get more prospects in lesser time and simultaneously focus on the demands of those leads. Using technology-driven strategies, you can get closer to consumer behavior and a detailed report of their expectations from you. 
  • Efficiency In Working - One of the primary aspects of bringing automation technology into business marketing is the potential to unlock operational efficiency. While you can free up your departments’ half of the work and get it done online, it is better to allocate human resources on strategic projects or maybe your business’ core operations. Once you establish automation into marketing, you will align your business goals in a much better way, with strategic planning and effective implementation.
  • Enhanced Conversion Rate - A conversion rate refers to a visitor on your website becoming a consumer after successful purchase of a product or service. It is astonishing how you can increase the conversions for your business by targeting and retargeting the customers to manage what they want from your website.
  • Error-free Reporting - Making business reports and analyzing the marketing outcomes can seem like an arduous task. Still, you can get better and more refined results without any procedural errors if you align marketing automation practices into the process. Online software could quickly assist you in streamlining report-making tasks and target the mistakes for you to fix them. 

Marketing Automation Trends To Look Forward In 2021

The future of marketing is here, and so is the list of latest trends that your business must follow - 
  1. Personalized Content Supremacy - As per numerous researchers, it is essential for every business, big or small, to customize its ideas, product approach, and effective communication. In the coming time, most customers will expect firms to understand and predict their interests regarding offered products/services. Content will drive the marketing and sales force towards lead generation. Thus, it has become imperative to focus on customer’s backgrounds, procure details of their purchase history and behavioral characteristics towards a product brand.
  2. Establish Presence Everywhere - Next marketing automation trend could be using multiple channels and online resources to sight the target groups. Once you begin interacting with customers on different channels, be it email or social media, your business will better use automation to provide seamless and ongoing support. Further, as the company sustains itself on numerous live channels, you can enjoy the inclusion of leads and conversions achieved by strategic actions.
  3. Chatbots And Artificial Intelligence - AI has already impacted many businesses by bringing positive outcomes in efficiency and better customer engagement sessions. Having that said, this shall continue to be an automation trend for many coming years that will simplify the customer’s interaction with your business. AI also helps in analyzing behavioral attributes of customers while they spend time on your website and turn that data into better opportunities for your business. On the other hand, Chatbots ensure that your customer’s query is addressed in a much qualitative way so you can improve and gain credibility in the market. Digital-Marketing-CompanySource: Pexels
  4. Customer Retention - Better late than never, customer retention will remain one of the primitive tasks of a marketing department. Earlier, it was proposed that acquiring more and more customers is the key to profit-making. But, studies have shown that providing a quality-driven experience to the customers and making all efforts to retain them will be a part of marketing campaigns for any business. Retention of customers must be done in two ways: provide quality service and be on toes to address their concerns. And second, retargeting and keeping in touch with them by building credible relationships and trust.
  5. Smartphone Approach - With the increasing use of intelligent mobiles by almost every individual out on the street, this is an ideal opportunity for your business to acquire mobile traffic on your website. Gone are the days when people wanted to visit the stores and make a purchase physically. Now all they want is to shop online, so having your business application or a Progressive Web Application helps you acquire those prospective customers that use smartphones to shop. Having that said, the number of mobile shoppers is increasing with every passing day, thus, opening the doors of new opportunities for your business to bounce and act upon mobile marketing automation.
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