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Lawyer Internet Marketing: 7 Trends Every Law Firm Should Follow! (Updated)


Saffron Edge


Oct 14, 2021


7 min read

The internet is one of the essential tools for online businesses to reap a more significant ROI than conventional marketing methods. Today, attorneys look for the best lawyer internet marketing tactics that can help their practice grow more. The truth is that most individuals looking for legal assistance are using search engines to find a lawyer. Today, online legal services have garnered massive growth in terms of audiences. The market size of online legal services had reached $8.5 billion in 2020. In 2021, it is expected to grow further at a rate of 2.7%. According to a survey conducted in 2020 in the USA, 17% of the participants claimed that they use online search engines to find an attorney.  Hence, legal professionals in the USA are investing their time and effort in online marketing. On average, lawyers spend 1.4 hours each day strategizing their networking tactics and referral techniques to attract new clients. Online users searching for skilled attorneys check online reviews, legal firm’s websites, testimonials, social media presence, and expertise. Due to this reason, every law firm needs robust law firm marketing strategies, especially in 2021 where more than 2 billion people rely on the internet for buying goods and services. Here are the top seven lawyer internet marketing that you must consider in 2021. Trends Every Law Firm Should Follow

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1. How To Market A Law Firm By Establishing Brand Authority?

As a law firm, you have to establish your authority in the legal industry. Having a great brand authority over the internet helps you maximize submission forms, the number of queries, or calls. To achieve a higher brand authority, you can offer a detailed report or case study on your website to talk about your firm’s performance in the previous cases. Your website is the best place where you can showcase your expertise, success, and knowledge. Apart from case studies, you can also post informative blogs to educate your visitors about legal procedures or laws. Once you have a decent pool of case studies and blogs on your website, your visitors will look at your brand as a thought leader in the legal industry. In this way, you can win new clients and establish trust among them. Publishing good website content with relevant keywords will also help your law firm rank well on Google SERPs; therefore, it’ll also increase your brand presence. Brand Authority

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2. Why Branding Is An Important Element Of law Firm Marketing Strategies?

Many online legal firms overlook the significance of branding. In the era of digital marketing, branding has become one of the key ingredients behind a brand’s success over the internet. You must remember that over a billion searches every day on Google, 15% of these searches are fresh! Hence, to garner the top spot and attract relevant audiences, you have to brand yourself properly. When you invest in tools or services that uplift your brand presence over the internet, you tend to portray your strength and expertise. You must showcase the stellar results you have brought to your previous clients. It will allow you to build trust among new clients. Branding in the legal industry conveys the right message before your potential clients. It would be best to portray how the results would look when a client invests in your services. Make sure your branding is consistent across all social media platforms and search engines. If you haven’t set up your Google My Business Page, you must create one; it’ll help your local searchers find your business quickly!

3. The Significance Of Email Newsletters In Lawyer Internet Marketing

Newsletters are pretty simple to produce; however, they effectively market your legal services to your audiences. You can use your weekly or monthly newsletters as a tool to stay in touch with your existing clients while offering them some unique or special information. You can also introduce new packages or services via your newsletter. E.g., one of our clients who has a professional law firm in California offers information about the recent changes in federal law in their state. You can produce newsletters that highlight how your clients can handle legal scenarios to avoid any further complications. Newsletters have a flexible format in which one can use engaging visuals or illustrations. However, your focus should be on providing relevant, helpful information that adds value. Lawyer Internet Marketing

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4. Social Media Can Help Your Boost Your Growth.

Social media is a great tool to empower your marketing efforts. According to a forecast, experts predict that there will be 3.43 billion active social media users by 2023. Therefore, you can understand how powerful social media can be. It gives marketers an enormous pool of audiences to which they can market their products and services. Online businesses can directly stay in touch with their customer base. They can post valuable and engaging content which can attract new audiences. One of the vital attributes of social media is providing a platform through which a brand can build a community. Your law firm can create a community of clients and lawyers with whom you can interact daily. For example, your law firm can create a Facebook group through which you can answer the most frequently asked questions. In this way, your law firm can cultivate the audience's trust and boost its credibility. 

5. Does Your Website Offer Live Chat Feature?

Live chat is a feature that law firms often overlook. However, this feature is future-relevant; it isn't going away anytime soon! It provides a vast amount of utility on your website. How? When you have a live chat tool on your website, your customers can quickly get in touch with one of your representatives. These representatives can soon clear their doubts, and they can encourage them to take action. Even when new users ask basic questions, you must ensure that they get relevant answers. In this way, they'll get what they were looking for, which reduces the chances of visiting a competitor's website. Live chatbots are great features that can help you streamline your leads. Chatbots also provide 24x7 support, even when your visitors visit your website at odd hours.

6. Enhance Your Website’s User Experience.

If your website doesn’t offer easy navigation and potential clients find your website interface problematic, then they won’t wait a single second to shift their preferences to your competitors’ websites. Don’t drive them away! If they drive away from your website then it will lead to a high bounce rate which is a key element in the Google Algorithm that decides the quality of your website’s content. If users leave your website quickly, your overall website rankings will fall. Hence, you should take care of things like website loading speed, images, CTA buttons, videos, etc. Bonus tip: you should always format your web pages in a way that offers the best search experiences on mobile devices.  Website’s User Experience

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7. Develop A Marketing Budget

How to market a law firm effectively? Well, to answer this question, we have to consider your marketing game plan. Your marketing game plan must contain a well-structured marketing budget. A pre-determined marketing budget can prove to be a crucial component; it gives you the scope of figuring out law firm marketing initiatives in which you can invest. You must identify your business goals and determine what type of ROI you want to generate. There is no specific marketing budget because it may vary depending upon a law firm's expertise or business goals. To figure out your marketing spend, you need to do the groundwork. Are you a well-established law firm, or have you just begun your career in the market? Do you offer niche services, or do you provide a broad range of services? Ask such questions to yourself; once you do that, you will be able to create a marketing budget for yourself. Once you have created one, you need to stay within its limits!


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