Key Strategies to Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates Via Push Notifications


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Apr 4, 2022


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Cart abandonment is a major challenge for companies in today's eCommerce world. Some sectors have seen a stunning adoption of this strategy. According to a report, 37% of smartphone users in the United States experienced push notifications during unlock sessions originating from utility apps. Systems apps ranked second with 24% and messaging apps with 10%. Consider a scenario in which an online consumer comes to your store to add items to their shopping basket, only to abandon the transaction. You cannot let this happen when you've spent so much time and money marketing your business! Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates Via Push Notifications Source: Pexels While it's impossible to know why internet customers spend so much time searching for things they'll never buy, there are strategies to keep them from abandoning their carts - or at least attempting.  Rescue abandoned carts in two stages: first, while the customer is still on your site, and second, after leaving your site. That is the most effective strategy to take. 

What is a "push notification"? 

A web push notification is a notice that pops up on a subscriber's desktop or mobile browser when they are logged in. Using this notice, the brand may communicate with the client even while the user is not on your website.  Push notifications are used to convey discounts, transaction confirmation, and order fulfillment and deliver targeted reminders regarding abandoned carts.  When paired with the correct offers and sent at the right moment, Push notifications can encourage customers to return to the basket and complete the transaction. 

Why does cart abandonment happen?

There are several reasons why a customer abandons a transaction. When it comes to making a sale, it's not always about the price or the quality of the goods you're selling. Some of the other elements that influence their purchasing decisions include the website experience, the availability of a mobile app, the payment and delivery alternatives, and more.  Let's face it, no matter how great the product is, if you encounter any of the problems listed above, you'll be the one to quit! Especially if you have alternative options available to you. 

What happens when people ditch their shopping carts? 

The most apparent consequence of cart abandonment is losing more than half of your store's revenue. Then there's the fact that you'll miss out on all of your store's potential earnings and the lack of brand loyalty in the market. That is like eliminating your future sales before you can contact any new clients at all.  shopping carts Source: Pexels

Why use push notifications for cart abandonment recovery?

You may use Facebook advertisements and email campaigns to remind customers what they have left behind. You may even offer them a discount on the items to get them to buy them. But in both circumstances, you're still waiting for the consumer to see the ad, open the email, read the content, and then purchase.  On the other hand, mobile push notifications ensure your unique offer gets read on the go and prompts customers to buy right away. 

1. The opt-in rate for push notifications is greater. 

The top-grossing online retailers are now increasingly using push notifications to engage with their consumers, according to a 41 percent opt-in rate. Customers are more likely to accept push alerts from an online business since they are already required to provide their contact information to get updates. 

2. Push notification has a higher open rate

There is a 30% open rate for push notifications, higher than the open email rate. Instead of risking the possibility of being in a spam box or waiting for the customers to check emails, the message is digested because it's on mobile. 

3. Push notification has a higher click-through rate

According to a blog post by Andrew Chen, push notifications to have an average click-through rate (CTR) of roughly 40%. Push messages have a higher open rate than emails, with an average open rate of 23%. 

4. A larger percentage of people open and respond to push alerts. 

Push notifications have been shown to increase online retailer engagement. They can lead to an 80 percent level of engagement if used correctly. All you have to do is guarantee that your push message is personalized, relevant, and uses intriguing content to express all of that.  An online business may effectively use push notifications to keep its customers interested and entice them to make further purchases or, even better, to complete those they started but never finished. 

Tips on how to get push notifications to work 

  • Reward yourself with a small favor. 

Discounts are the most effective technique to entice customers to return and finish a transaction. You may revive an abandoned cart with a reminder of what they left behind and a promo code that makes the pricing even better. Even a ten percent discount appears to be enticing for everyone. 
  •  Create a sense of urgency. 

No matter how generous your discount on the items they've left behind, it will be worth nothing if there is no deadline. Your customers may put off making their purchases if you allow them to decide when and where they want to complete the transaction. Why not inform them they have a day or two to use the coupon? 
  •  Make sure the timing is correct. 

Push notifications are all about time. Neither being too early nor too late is ideal while trying to reclaim an abandoned cart. Early is a little spooky, while leaving things behind too late may result in the client losing interest completely. Determine when to deliver a relevant message to your typical consumer based on their behavior. 
  • Help find a solution to an issue. 

Most likely, a buyer departed because they couldn't figure out how to make the best purchase for themselves. They might blame concerns about the good's size, quality, or quantity for sale. Another approach to reclaiming an abandoned cart is to assist in making a purchasing choice. 
  • Remind them what they left behind

Sometimes all it takes is reminding the consumer of what they left behind and why they were seeking those things in the first place to get them back on the right track. Push messages don't need discounts; all you need to do is make them seem like a subtle hint rather than a sales pitch. 
  •  Maintain your brand's distinctiveness 

As vital as it is to keep your message short and to the point, it is also important to maintain your brand's identity. When it comes to marketing, you should write as you talk, and your push notifications should do the same. 
  • Be specific

Don't be distracted from your primary aim of finding an abandoned cart. Keep your push notifications simple, and don't try to cram too much information into them. Including a call-to-action at the end of a blog article is just as effective as being explicit. 
  •  Ask for feedback

You may not be able to entice a consumer to make another buy at a later time. You should always know why you're doing anything. As a result, incorporating customer input into your push notification campaign is important. Additionally, you'll have a more enjoyable time shopping due to this. 
  • Make sure you don't overdo it. 

All those abandoned purchases are something you'd like to recoup. It's fine to go overboard, but don't go overboard. Too many push notifications might cause uninstallation. Thus you must realize that this can be a negative experience for the user. Optimize the frequency of your push notifications based on your campaign results. 
  • Automate your notification pushes to save time and money. 

Don't wait until the last minute to rescue carts that have been left behind. You need to set up a push notification strategy from the start, so you need to automate these notifications. You may set up push notifications in minutes with the Shopify mobile app powered by Global Apps. Your push alerts will go out at the right moment, and you'll be able to see how they're doing in real-time. 

Wrapping Up

You can't afford to miss out on key clients in the digital economy because of the fierce competition. Push alerts are an essential part of a successful cart recovery program. To know more about ROI-driven Push Notification campaigns, contact our experts today!

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