Is Your Inbound Marketing Failing? Know How Content Map can Help


Jan 6, 2016


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Are you finding Inbound marketing seemingly difficult to achieve, or are your efforts scantily dwindling with time. Chances are there that your contents are not fully optimized or battling a challenge or the other. Have you checked out your content mapping theme, do you think it was properly set up?

Content Mapping is a strategic way to optimize your content keeping in mind the reader’s experience.

When it comes to content optimization, just size is deemed befitting. In order to ensure that your business content is great enough to pull in leads and perhaps better convert, then you must simultaneously be ready to supply the right content. Keeping in mind the set of audience and also the time factor (contents must be supplied at the right time). This is just a brief and specific definition of the content mapping process.

By emulating to do content marketing the right way, better content mapping is basically set in place

  • The requirements and demand of the audience (this is where buyer personas come into play)
  • The location of the audience, how far is the prospect away from your established location( this can also be called “lifecycle stage”).

Having invested your time on the above lines, below is a list of tips on how you can plan your entire website’s Content Map.

Business Mission

Can you define your site’s aim to your marketing personnel? Are you able to differentiate between growing a site with the vision of attracting customers or rather making quantum sales indefinitely? The idea is yours to brainstorm, even so, the question is yours to answer.

Building a very strong chain of customers with a call to action to sales will amount to generating quality sales-driven content. On the other hand, if your aim is to grow a long list of leads for other profitable uses then your content should also portray the same.

The User Goals

The user’s goals are also important, this is where persona development comes into the scene. Do you know your users, what are their problems, what assistance is your website’s content or product going to be to them, and once more, how would your brand address their requirements?

User/Persona development allows for a wide range of beneficial activities like providing …

  • Quick drafted direct-solution communication messages that converse with the patient.
  • Room for investment advertising capital in channels for direct involvement with customers.
  • unveils a better ideal language for easy communication with prospects.

Unique benefits/Key Products

Every business should have a unique selling proposition (USP) . The USP is what sets a business apart from its contenders, this would help your content mapping strategy in such that makes your business unique beyond comparison.

If you want to write good landing pages that’ll convert all time, kindly take a glimpse at this question: Given a choice of an uncountable number of competitors over the internet, why should a customer want to purchase your services? Is there anything special with your product that cannot be found elsewhere, and lastly, how are your product and services different from others over the internet?

Once you are able to provide counter answers to the above questions, you’re sure to better optimize your content such that it will be authoritative in both SEO and consumer satisfaction.

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