How To Set Up A Google My Business Page For A Law Firm?


Jun 15, 2021


6 min read

Suppose you want your customers to know your business’s primary location from your online website? How are you going to plan and propose that to the search engines? Displaying information about the whereabouts of your business is a process or one of the online tools available for companies to inform search engines about their products and services.

Google My Business Page is the tool that enables you to add your business location on Google Maps and Search for customers to know more about your business. Although, as a business, you must follow Google guidelines, you can add location details, pictures, and significant hotspots that may attract your target audience.

The sole purpose of setting up a Google My Business page for your firm is to verify the place of your operations so that it becomes easy for customers to find you and gain information. Did you know 48% of online buyers say that they use Google recommendations on what they should buy? Google My Business can help you get more customers as several users search on Google to find local businesses around them.


Google My Business is completely free for business firms to use to their advantage and does not require you to incur any cost while listing your business online. One of the prime advantages of this tool is professional services, like lawyers, as they get local advertising on search engines quite quickly.

Google witnesses 5.8 billion searches every day. Most of them have a local search interest; this means that a large population of online users search for products and services available in their local area. Google My Business page can help you in driving that local traffic to your website.

Since every other business, a law firm, also tries to adopt different strategies to overpower its competition and sustain itself globally. Still, Google My Business is often regarded as an underrated approach to reach the target groups. It has been an essential digital marketing tactic that helps you get customer reviews on your website based on your online profile and location, which is quite helpful for a lawyer to obtain new clients. 

It is normal to quote that a customer now searches online and purchases from that business listed on the web. So if there’s a need to appoint a lawyer, Google My Business can display your name as a relevant search based on the customer’s search query.

Thus, we can say that appearing on the web is of utmost significance as your potential customers would be able to search for your services with just a click. Further, when they visit your website, they’ll be able to dig in more information about your business. It is because Google My Business helps you do so!

Advantages Of Google My Business Tool

Suppose you open up a browser to search for a law firm for your insurance claim. You end up selecting a lawyer near your place and checking their reviews, and based on that, you visit them for consultation. See how easy that was- that’s how Google My Business works!

  • Come Into Sight In Google Maps/Listings: Google My Business enables you to have a local pack listing of your business over Google Maps, so you can easily find the name and location once you search it. It helps your law firm increase its visibility across platforms and becomes the first noticeable customer. The information that is accessible to the customer can be related to the location of the business, contact numbers, opening times, reservations and appointments, or details about the services offered. Many other companies use GMB tools to positively impact their target audience that resides within the service area. 


  • Expecting Customer Reviews: A service feedback or a customer review is highly important for every business to analyze if the customer is interested and satisfied with the product/service. Leaving online reviews on your webpage helps other customers to determine your customer-engagement potential, based on which they make purchase decisions. Positive reviews also enhance the local SEO as they act as testimonies of the present customers and impact your client conversion rate and overall sales.
  • Helps To Analyze Your Web Page Insights: Google My Business further provides deep insights about your business website, aids your understanding of the market factors that affect your services, and strategies that impact the customer engagement process. You can gain access to statistics related to several views on your website, the effectiveness of campaign drives, etc. These reports specifically focus on where you lack business to resort to purposeful strategies to cater to these problems. Lawyers can make use of the insights to realize the performance of the website.
  • Customer Trust: Along with the tactical advantages that your business gets, you get to earn the trust of your customers by becoming a relevant search listed on the search engines. Most customers click on a website if it is listed on or around the top of the table on search engines since they are backed up by considerate evaluation and analysis.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: One of the prime advantages of customer review is that they can rate the quality of your products and services. Star ratings collectively contribute to your business’s market image and influence your prospective clients’ purchase decisions. It creates a hallmark for your service and aids to gain a competitive advantage as well.


A Google My Business Page For Your Law Firm

Creating a GMB page is quite simple and requires a few details for the initial setup. The following are the detailed steps to build your own Google My Business page for your law firm – 

  1. Enter Primary Details – Reach out to the homepage of Google My Business to start the process and fill out crucial details about your law firm, such as –
  • The firm name 
  • Location of the business (to find your firm’s location on Google Maps)
  • Email and contact numbers for customers 
  • Website Link
  • Types of services offered.

These details are necessary to initiate your listing via Google My Business as it is used to describe your brand on search results. 

  1. Specify Service Area – A law firm needs to list its service area as customers outside the service location can click on your website and contact you for an appointment. Further, they may feel disappointed if you refuse to provide the service or cater to their request based on their location, resulting in a negative impact on the business image. Therefore, it is better to optimize and manage the location to ensure that only those customers connect to you who you geo-target for your business. 
  2. Register Your Business Listing – After specifying the service location of your business, the next step is to verify your business listing to Google. It is done so search engines can make your website visible to everyone. It is of utmost significance for a law firm to prove and verify its physical existence, which is why Google often sends a postcard that is necessary to substantiate your business listing. 

And here you have it- Your Google My Business Account! However, some would still find the process a tad strenuous. We at Saffron Edge will surely pitch in to provide you with expert assistance to successfully set up your GMB page so your law firm can progress with a revenue-driven approach. Our legal marketing services have helped many businesses to reach global heights and earn profits by enabling their local listing page. To know more, contact our team today and book an appointment!