How to maintain your brand reputation across multiple digital platforms?


Sep 23, 2021


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Why Online “Buzz” Influences Purchases Decisions?

Online Reputation management has become essential for modern-day businesses. As much as customers care about the quality of your product and services, they equally care about your online activities, reviews, and brand presence. 

What is your brand posting on Instagram? What are you tweeting? Did you reply to their online queries? Actions like these matter a lot! You never know; your existing customers might be posting pictures of your product or sharing their experiences with your brand, and you simply can’t afford to lose out on this engagement. 

Brand Reputation

As per Statista’s survey of 2020, 36% of Instagram users follow brands that they use on the social media platform. Apart from Instagram, 35% of the respondents said that they follow their favorite brands on Twitter. 

Another study says that almost 90% of the users purchase from online brands they follow on social media networks. Hence, for the years to come, we can say that investing in online brand reputation can help businesses drive ROIs like never before!


Myth: Your Online Reputation Is Not In Your Control!

There exists a psychological factor behind consumer reviews, comments, or ratings. For a new customer, they act as a testimony. Hence, it is a huge misconception that online presence or reputation is something that doesn’t influence purchase decisions.

Here, we are talking about the control or “management” of your brand’s online reputation. You can always gain a competitive edge as a brand by eliminating fake or negative reviews, establishing your presence over influential platforms, etc. If you want to garner great reviews that speak positively about your work, you must adopt a reputation management strategy. 

You can learn how we ran a well-structured referral and review campaign on Amazon that lifted the sales of a Coffee Brand by 230%! Check out our case study to know more.


A well-designed online reputation management strategy shall portray your brand in a positive light. By investing your efforts in nurturing your online reputation, you can witness skyrocketing growth in sales. If you can maintain a positive brand reputation, you will attract potential customers by gaining their trust!

For instance, we generated + 279% Organic Traffic for a doctor booking platform based out of Philadelphia via fifteen Social media campaigns which brought tons of users to their website. It helped them to boost their customer acquisition. Check out our case study to learn more.

Increasing Customer Accusation Volume for a Doctor Booking Application

So How Can You Maintain Your Online Reputation Across Multiple Digital Platforms?

You can follow these four steps for your brand’s online reputation management. These are some simple steps through which you can improve the online presence that’ll benefit you in the following ways:

  • ORM can expand your customer base and help you maintain a consistent outreach.
  • Online reviews can help customers to engage with your brand.
  • When you stay in touch with your audiences, you improve internal practices.
  • You have a better chance of boosting your customer retention.
  • Better online reviews and presence can help you in SEO.

The elements of ORM include responsiveness to online reviews, reputation monitoring, search protection,  constant outreach to encourage customers to share their reviews online, social media branding, damage control, and review audit. These elements are usually implemented via paid, earned, owned, and shared media channels.

Online Reputation Management

Let’s begin!

#1 Perform Sentiment Analysis!

As a business leader, you need to analyze how your customers feel about your brand. Are they happy with your services? Are they satisfied with the results? You must dig deep into the data to understand your brand’s current reputation standard.

Check your social media posts, comments, mentions, take a glance at your competitor’s social handles, look at how their customers talk to them, and then define a path for yourself. 

You must also evaluate your online reviews on platforms like Yelp, Yahoo, and Google. There are various online tools or experts who can quantify this data into comparable metrics so that you can analyze how things are going for your brand. 

Customer Testimonial

#2. Track Social Media Tags & Mentions.

Brand reputation management is a continuous process; you have to stay proactive! Once you recognize your online reputation status, you need to set up your social media channels to respond to customer queries or complaints.

Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc., are popular platforms where brands reply to their customers. Social media channels make it very convenient for a user to ask a question or appreciate your work. Pro Tip: Ensure you respond to your customers as fast as possible!

#3. Make Your Business Appear Positive.

As discussed in the previous section, negative reviews can hamper your client acquisition efforts. The best way to deal with them is by resolving them and encouraging positive reviews.
Of course, you can’t force your customers to post positive reviews about your brand, but you can always share testimonials of happy clients. You can highlight the kind of positive experience they had on your social media platforms.
You should never hold yourself from reposting your clients’ tweets or feedback. In this way, you can leverage user-generated content that can enhance your online marketing.
Apart from customer reviews or comments, you must encourage your employees to post positive sentiments about their work culture. 

#4 Work With Reviews, Comments, And Analytics.

Your customers should feel or recognize that your brand is putting additional efforts into fixing certain shortcomings that they comment about. 

They should feel that they are being listened to. For instance, they might complain about the delivery process or the recent rise in the price. Listen to them and make changes accordingly.

Your brand’s reputation matters!

Yes! Your online brand reputation is within your control. But first, you must realize the key areas where you can improve upon. You must listen, process, and react to online conversations that are related to your brand. If you are looking for more effective ORM solutions and efficient tactics, we at Saffron Edge can help you develop a robust strategy!

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