How To Get Your Business On The Top Of Google Search? (Updated)


Feb 4, 2020


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Almost every business that exists over the internet may have tried their best to rank their websites high on search engine page results. Companies try to align their website with the latest trends and implement the best SEO practices to achieve the best outcomes. Search Engine Optimization has been one of the most crucial aspects of organic search marketing. Every online business owner or marketer would look forward to implementing the latest SEO trends as old SEO techniques or strategies may become ineffective in driving good results.

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As we know, Google is the world’s biggest search engine; it generates more than 80% of desktop search traffic. According to a recent study, the search engine giant engulfs a market share of 95.45%. Hence, a slight shift in the Google search algorithm can drive a significant change in your website rankings. But why does Google modify its search algorithm? Every year, there is a change in the browsing patterns and search behavior; therefore, Google evolves to maximize the user search experience. 

As the use of search engines changes, the Google search algorithm changes. Over the past few years, we have seen an immense rise in the mobile-first approach. Due to this, websites focused on producing mobile-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and highly accessible websites on a diverse range of mobile devices. While no expert can predict what you should concentrate on for the next year, you can always consider the trends that may dominate the SEO strategies in 2021. Here are the top SEO trends that you must consider to rank your website higher on Google SERPs.

The Latest SEO Trends That Can Help You Rank Higher In 2021

Here are the top SEO trends that can help your website succeed in 2021. You can follow these tips to enhance and improve your content as well as your website strategy. 

1. Align Your Website For Voice Search.

Voice search has made its place over the internet quite seamlessly. With products like Google’s Assistant, Siri, Alexa, etc., voice technology has become very popular. Hence, you can consider implementing voice search strategies that can enhance your SEO efforts. Voice search tactics and SEO strategies are quite different from each other.

Voice search involves a natural flow of language and considerably longer. To align your website with the latest voice search strategies you need to optimize your content for long-tail keywords.

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2. Utilize Schema to Markup Your HTML.

What is schema? It is the structured data that helps search engines understand your website’s intent clearly. Therefore, you can use Schema markup, which can enhance your website’s visibility on Search Engine Result Pages.

You can add markups to your website posts or use tools that can analyze, test, and enhance your schema data. You can also use some dedicated plugins that can help you improve your overall SEO functionality. You can also review Google’s structured data guidelines as it offers various reports in its webmaster tool. 

3. Optimize Your Site Performance And Speed.

Website speed optimization is something that marketers often discuss; however, it’s crucial to regularly check the loading speed, especially when you want to improve your website rankings. Today we see Google taking account of a website’s page speed for mobile devices. Why? Because of the growing popularity of mobile search and browsing. Hence, minimizing the load speed time should be your primary concern. You must include critical strategies like implementing a caching solution to enhance your website speed.

4. Tap Into Artificial Intelligence.

The growth of Artificial Intelligence is enormous, and it is pretty evident. The global market for artificial intelligence is expected to reach $327.5 billion. The growing popularity of intuitive AI-based tools and technologies may have a crucial role in determining SEO trends. Did you know even Google uses Artificial Intelligence to enhance customer experiences over the internet? Multiple machine-learning-based bots can help you improve your Google Search results. 

These tools analyze tons of web pages; search engines use them to provide more relevant results for search queries. Today, numerous SEO tools utilize Machine Learning; these tools are experiencing a growth in popularity as they help marketers enhance SEO. The analytics provided by these tools can convert unorganized data into clear insights. These insights can help you figure out patterns that you can consider to improve your SEO game plan.

5. You Must Enhance Your Mobile Pages

With Google’s mobile-first index, Google ranks web pages based on their designed version for mobiles. If your website performs excellently on a desktop but fails to impress visitors on a smartphone, then it may affect your SEO rankings. Due to this reason, you must optimize your website for mobile devices; today, marketers need to spend more time optimizing their websites for mobile. They must ensure that their web pages are responsive, fast, and usable across all devices.

Regardless of the screen size of the mobile device, web pages must perform well in all types of situations. If you have designed a few elements of your website that work well on your desktop, you need to ensure that the same level of intuitiveness is maintained over mobile devices. If there are random pop-ups on your website, they’ll interfere with the experience a user will have on their smartphone. To avoid such issues, you must test your website on multiple devices.

6. How To Use Google Trends For SEO? Create A Knowledge Base!

Having an intrinsic knowledge base can help you create an effective customer service and content strategy. When you have an excellent knowledge base, your users can access it to resolve their queries. However, creating a knowledge base has SEO benefits too. You can offer a diverse knowledge base to your customers that contain quality content. Make sure that they are keyword-rich; valuable keywords enhance your content’s performance on search engines.

Did you know that 92% of the customers feel the urge to switch to a different company if they witness poor customer service? Having a knowledge base can help you in offering two significant benefits. You can deliver rich content along with premium customer service. Bonus tip: you can cover the topics while using optimized keywords. It will help you in enhancing your knowledge base.

7. Enhance Your Technical SEO Practices

There are two critical aspects of technical SEO that include the speed of your pages and mobile friendliness. But there’s another pretty important aspect. To enhance your technical SEO, you must also focus on improving your site security. Nowadays, Google demands websites to register themselves with HTTPS. It notifies Google that the website is secured. There are few additional elements that you must take care of:

  • Website architecture: When a website is designed logically, the search engines can crawl easily over the pages, crawlers can seamlessly index your pages, enhancing your website rankings.
  • Snippets: This sort of markup puts additional information on your web pages. It will help your web pages to stand out in search results.
  • Duplication: Search engines can negatively affect your website if you re-use the content or the exact text repeatedly.


With these latest SEO trends, your business can enhance its SEO strategies which can help you to rank your website high on Google SERPs. You must consider new algorithm updates and ensure that your website complies with these strategies. If you are looking for data-driven, strategic SEO tactics, Saffron Edge can help you develop and implement its expertise with the latest SEO trends. Contact us today to know more about how we can help.

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