How SEO Reselling And Partnership Trends Are Benefiting The Internet Marketing Industry


Jul 15, 2016


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SEO reseller programs are synonymous to affordability. A lot of digital marketing are complaining that local businesses just don’t have XX,XXX budget to invest into digital marketing. The upside of serving local and small businesses is that there are a ton of them out there.

The benefits of SEO reselling are not limited to only the client side but also to the agency, SEO reselling can be highly profitable. It can be as soaring as 500-1000% markups when delivering the final product to end-client.

For the marketing agencies the benefits do not end, here is the list:

Helps Building Stronger Relationships With Your Existing Clients

SEO reselling provides an avenue to the internet marketing agencies to further leverage your existing clientele without increasing your workload. Most reseller programs do not require much work on the reseller’s end. All that is required is a little bit of information to set up a white label platform.

A stronger relationship always solidifies your customer’s brand loyalty. After all, by offering SEO services, you showed you’re looking for and identified a problem your customers are most likely facing. That was not enough, you took steps and proposed some helpful action and a relevant solution to your customer’s needs.

SEO Reseller Programs Help The Marketing Agency Earn Extra Revenue

Headline get your attention? What business owners d not want to see some extra profit coming into their balance sheet. It’s one of those services that a client is inherently going to need whether your company offers them or not.

SEO reseller programs are an upcoming hot trends such that people all over the internet are searching for it. If SEO reseller wa not an option, then it was fully understandable not wanting to deal with the whole SEO side of web development and Search marketing.

That’s not it. You also run the risk of outright losing your clients when they go look for SEO somewhere else. What most of the popular SEO agencies do is that they provide one-stop-shop solution to their clients that includes web designing. If you do not want your customers to start being a little shaky about their loyalty, then you have to be the same guy that offers a package of services in one convenient package.

Agencies Are Able To Offer Additional Options To Cash-strapped Customers

Maybe your agency is already offering a fully-fledged marketing program, including service package of SEO, SMM, content marketing and web design. We all know that often lofty SEO cost could become pretty exclusive.

But there’s a whole general lot of businesses which can’t afford these premium services. They’re motivated and eager to spend their money on a top-tier solution, but just can’t quite budget it yet. If you care at all about these businesses, which by the way are many in number, you’ll definitely want them to avoid low-quality SEO services.

If your company is in the business of providing web design solutions and want to try offering them an alternative fully-fledged SEO solutions, certain SEO resellers have concentrated their programs that provide affordable and high-quality SEO services. This allows agencies to earn some additional revenue from customers that previously might have been turned away at the door due to a slightly lower price-point than what you normally cater to.


As it is clearly evident, there are a number of benefits to adding an SEO reseller program to your service needs, and it’s no surprise that these programs are now springing up all over the world lately. It’s a win-win situation for both the client and the marketing agency that offers it. Clients are happy because such services are drivers of new business opportunities through their doors. And, the Internet Marketing agency is happy it offers competitive pay, flexible pricing markups, and zero complicated fine print.

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