How Push Notification Marketing Is Enhancing Lead Generation For Brands?


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Dec 10, 2020


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Push Notification Marketing The first wave of change was witnessed by the firms and marketers in the form of the influx of the digital platform and now the digital platform has taken a turn which has made people shift from using desktops for accessing the internet to mobile phones. You must be aware of the fact that internet access through mobile phones has already surpassed that of desktop and because of this, the old marketing techniques are proving to be less effective. Now, if you want to stay relevant with your marketing efforts then you will have to incorporate new marketing miracles like push notification in your marketing strategy. In the modern era, push notification is proving to be the best tool for firms to target their audience since more than 52% of the mobile users have enabled some kind of push notification on their smartphones. And when you will consider the daily factor then you will realize that an average US citizen gets around 46 push notifications on a daily basis. We are now used to getting bombarded with information that reaches to us through selective filtering and the same push notification can prove to be a magic wand for lead generation as well.

What are push notifications?

Push notifications are basically a type of micro-message that keeps the customers engaged even after exiting the mobile application or website. Since the engagement rate on mobile is much higher than that of desktop, push notifications work better on it. If you will go by the data given by Statista then you will come to know that the mobile app market will reach around $188.9 billion by the end of 2022 and that promises the further growth of push notification.

The relation between push notification and lead generation

If you have started celebrating your success just because you made someone visit your website or download your app then you are setting the wrong tone of success. You should know that making someone visit your website or download your app is just half the journey. The real struggle begins when you will start trying to transform these visitors into leads. Well, at this point, push notification can prove to be a great tool. Most people will need more than one visit to your website or mobile app in order to enter your sales pipeline. This is why when a prospect will leave your website or doesn’t apply for registration on your mobile app then this can look like a loss but you will still have chances to convert these people into leads through push notifications. Push notifications can be used to trigger leads by every type of company. By combining push notifications with other marketing tactics like email marketing, you can improve your lead generation results.

How push notification is improving lead generation for firms?

Improved visibility

Push notifications have higher visibility than most of the modern-day marketing tools like emails and messages. A push notification jostles down through the sound and noise while making it directly to the mobile screen of your audience. And as discussed at the outset of the article, more than half of smartphone users from all around the world have enabled push notification. This further improves the chances of your push notification being seen by the prospect. And higher visibility means that you will have a better lead generation opportunity.

High level of personalization

One of the most talked-about benefits of push notification is personalization. Most of the generic marketing tools like email marketing are now proving to be less effective since most of the customers are looking for a better experience and this can only be made possible through personalization. By using push notifications, you can give customers exactly what they are looking for and this is why the number of leads generated through push notifications will always be higher.


If you want to improve the effectiveness of your push notification and improve your lead generation outcomes then you can localize your push notifications. By taking advantage of the location settings, you can know where your prospects go, how long they stay at certain places, and even know when they are most active on your mobile application. And since localized push notifications or any other type of notification have 50% higher chances of being opened, you can use it to streamline your current push notification strategy in order to generate quality leads.

Seamless integration

In order to make push notification an important part of your marketing strategy and lead generation strategy, you will never have to kick out all your existing plans since integrating push notification in your already existing lead generation strategy is very easy. Instead of overlapping with the existing lead generation tactics, push notifications will further align with the other marketing strategies and improve the overall result. Even a little bit of changes can improve your push notification strategy by many folds.

Data driven marketing

Just like all the existing marketing strategies that you use in your firm, even push notifications need to go through proper testing and analysis. But the good news is doing A/B testing on different images, text and other types of content for push notification is very easy and by filtering out the less effective options, you can start working on the best strategy for push notifications. You should also know that push notifications that go through A/B testing have 10% higher chances of being opened. Push Notification strategy

Source: Unsplash

Things to keep in mind while using push notification

Understanding what people want

You will need to begin with understanding who your audience is and what they are looking for because you can’t go on sending random notifications to everyone as this will decrease the effectiveness of your strategy.

Understanding when people want it

You will also have to choose the best time to send push notifications to your prospects. If you will send notifications to the people at 3 AM in the morning then your reach will be less than even postcards.

The importance of the message

You should never forget geo-targeting while sending push notifications as this will improve the level of personalization of your push notifications and its chances of being opened will surely increase.

Keep tabs on analytics and engagement stats

If you have the data related to the user activity and action then you will need to use it in order to improve the open rates and visibility of your push notification. Working on the same push notification strategy without getting results is not an ideal approach.

Some push notification ideas

New offers or discounts

Whenever a new offer or discount is available on the products you are selling, you can use push notifications to inform your customers.

Availability or out of stock products

If your prospect has kept some items in their cart and if it goes out of stock then you can use push notification in this case also. You can also use push notifications when the product becomes available again.

Membership plan

In order to convert the prospects into leads, you can send them membership plans and benefits in the form of push notifications as this proves to be highly effective.

Breaking news

If you are running a magazine or news based app then you can lure the prospects to your app by giving them regular push notifications regarding breaking news. Lead generation is one of the most crucial aspects of any marketing strategy and this is why instead of only relying on legacy marketing tactics for generating leads, you should start using push notifications to target the prospects and convert them into leads without making them irritated. Even incorporating push notification with your existing marketing strategy is very easy and this is what makes it more effective and easy to use. Now, if you are looking for someone to help you incorporate push notification marketing in your existing marketing strategy or build a push-based marketing campaign, Saffron Edge is your cue. With our elaborate experience and technical expertise, we can help you scale the heights you desire.   

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