How Is Digital Marketing Helping A Criminal Defense Attorney To Find New Clients?


Nov 24, 2021


4 min read

It doesn’t matter whether you belong to that group of criminal defense attorneys who work on DUI cases or work as a multi-location criminal lawyer; the one thing that you always have to focus on is client acquisition. And with the world flocking to the digital platform, client acquisition is no more limited to brochures, pamphlets, highway billboards, and TV ads. Criminal Defense Attorney Marketing

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Many criminal defense lawyers are still relying on referrals for acquiring new clients even after being in the business for many decades. So, there is a significant need for criminal defense lawyers to start thriving on criminal defense marketing on the digital platform and start increasing their customer base.  The digital platform might offer criminal lawyers relief when it comes to acquiring clients even on a low budget. Still, unfortunately, the criminal defense is one of the most competitive law markets out there, and everyone is looking for his bite of the market share.  So, in this blog post, we will walk you through the critical aspect of digital marketing for criminal defense attorneys when it comes to acquiring new clients.  Here are the five ways criminal lawyers are using digital marketing for finding new clients;
  • Building an outstanding law firm website
  • Working on the SEO strategy 
  • Setting up Google Ads
  • Using exceptional local SEO strategy 
  • Promotion on social media platforms 
So, let’s start understanding how these five aspects of criminal defense marketing can be used on the digital platform to acquire more clients.


The website will act as the brain of the digital marketing strategy for criminal defense lawyers, and it is necessary to have a unique and compelling website as it aids in dealing with the neck-wrenching competition. But keep in mind, your website should be a reflection of your values, services, and practices. The website acts as the primary source of information about the lawyer, and therefore, it needs to be user-friendly and highly responsive. You can level up the digital game by providing round-the-clock customer support through chat service on your website, and in addition to this, you must have high-quality content on your website as well. 

SEO strategy

SEO strategy is the soul of any digital marketing for criminal defense lawyers, and it is also the best tool to bring new clients to your website. SEO elements like content, meta titles, descriptions, etc., play a huge role in impacting search rankings. 24.6% of SEO professionals say content is one of the leading factors influencing search rankings. With a better SEO strategy, you always have a chance of appearing on the first page of the search result. So, people searching for criminal lawyers will land on your website when they use terms like ‘domestic violence lawyer or ‘drug crime lawyer.’ But you need to invest time, money, and effort in SEO as it is a long-term strategy that needs to be practiced with patience and the right approach. This is where services provided by criminal defense advertising companies can come in handy. Just make sure such companies have dealt with industries like yours in the past. 

Google Ads 

If you are looking for instant client acquisition and want quick results with your digital marketing efforts, you should start building impeccable Google Ads. With Google ads, your website starts appearing on the top of search results for specific keywords and in a particular period.  While the organic SEO strategy keeps on working as a long-term strategy, you can let Google Ads offer you a quick increase in website traffic. Then you use your website to make the visitors succumb to using your legal services. 

Local SEO 

If you want clients to opt for your services and increase the actual number of clients instead of just the number of website visitors, you need to start working on local SEO. For every attorney, local SEO is the best way to grab the attention of people who need any legal services.  From incorporating local SEO-based keywords to streamlining the Google My Business listing, there are many things criminal defense attorneys can do to improve their local SEO and become available to those clients who are searching for legal services near me. 

Social media 

As of now, there are 4.48 billion people present on social media platforms. This makes social media platforms one of the most powerful influencers for trust-based advertising and word of mouth. Even experts working on marketing for criminal defense lawyers never forget to include social media platforms in their agenda.  The best way to acquire new clients is to reach them where they are present, with an ideal business image. This can be achieved by maintaining a professional and authoritative profile on major social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  The best part about social media platforms is that they allow you to contact your potential clients directly. Thus you always have an opportunity to introduce your service to a new market.