How Does Partnering an Inbound Marketing Agency Boosts Your Sales


Mar 21, 2016


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Inbound Marketing has emerged as a new field of marketing and gained importance in recent years. As a result, this required a complete overhauling of the sales and marketing departments and making them learn how inbound marketing works and how to handle the queries that come in through this channel. This makes the two separate teams of sales and marketing get intertwined with one another.
It has become important to offer these teams the right kind of support they need in order to get on the right foot. And, the best way to do so is to partner with an excellent inbound marketing agency that provides sales enablement while the in-house team learns the way inbound marketing works during the process.

 5 important benefits from partnering an Inbound Marketing Agency

1. Inbound Marketing Strategy that suits your business

Not being familiar with the inbound marketing and starting on your own without much knowledge about what best suits your business can be catastrophic and make customers fall out of that sales funnel which was your ultimate goal. Customers falling out of the sales funnel means that some might become critical about your company for the next time even if you target them with the right kind of strategy or re-targeting.

But all these kind of repercussions can be avoided if you are up for partnering with the right Inbound Marketing agency. You will get the right advice and people to implement the suggested strategy that suits best for your industry, your unique company, your products or services and your audience. This will help your company realize ROI much better and quicker. One of the eminent players in this industry is HubSpot for US based firms.

2. Making the Sales Team Learn

Even though partnering the inbound marketing agency helps in strategizing and implementing it, partnering with the agency that provides sales enablement as well can be an added advantage for your company. During the process the sales team learns how to pitch for sales while handling an Inbound query. It is pretty obvious that your sales team might resist this change and your reps might feel like they’re being replaced.
An agency that provides sales enablement can make the transition smoother and get your reps on board effectively. Their coaching will include that they won’t have to chase down leads anymore or cold call anymore, that they will get highly qualified leads that are actually interested in your company’s products or services and hence will make them achieve higher lead targets.

3. Sales and Marketing Teams are better aligned with each other

Implementation of Inbound Marketing will make both marketing and sales teams to work in collaboration which could be a huge change for them, but this is a good thing because to get the maximum results we need both the teams to work in collaboration. An inbound agency with sales enablement will help make sure that the alignment between these two teams is more effective. A sales coach will offer tips about how to properly communicate with the marketing team and make sure that both work together in achieving their respective goals ,i.e., lead generation and conversions.

4. It provides help with CRM

An Inbound marketing agency like HubSpot provides its own sales CRM for the sales team. Similarly, if other Inbound marketing agencies also do provide their own CRM tools for your sales team, moving over to the new platform can be easy if their is a proper training given about the features of the new tool and what all it can do. If the agency is up for providing the help and support you need then it will be a smooth transition for the sales team to get used to using the new CRM.

5. New techniques for selling

If your company’s sales team is used to outbound selling techniques, inbound techniques can be whole new world for them. In that case, they might use the same aggressive techniques that they used previously instead of focussing on the customer’s needs, they might not know what is social selling, they might not know what is thought leadership or they might not know what is customer-centric approach.
So in this case, Inbound Marketing agency that offers sales enablement will provide an ongoing training for the sales team and let them learn about the best practices to sell in inbound marketing, so your sales people can make more sales without bugging customers too much.

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