How Social Media Be A Powerful Tool For A Law Firm To Boost Growth?


Apr 7, 2021


6 min read

As per the survey published by ABA, 76% of their respondents who run a legal firm said that they engage with online communities and social media platforms to boost their online presence. Among all marketing channels, social media is the one that has been able to garner a lot of popularity as several big brands have been utilizing its capabilities to boost customer reach and engagement.

A huge misconception about social media as a marketing channel is that it can be only beneficial for consumer brands and businesses, mainly eCommerce brands. But this isn’t true. Even independent attorneys and law firms can use social media platforms to boost their business growth.

Many say that social media is an integral part of their legal marketing strategy. According to another report published by ABA in 2020, across all marketing channels, 42% of the respondents rely on LinkedIn, 41% on Email, 33% on Facebook, and 21% on print media.

You might have noticed how legal firms and lawyers are making use of their social media platforms to market their legal businesses. There is a reason behind that. What? Social media is a great platform that can be used to boost online presence.

As per the statistics published by Hootsuite in “Digital 2020”, social media has 3.8 billion active users, which’s a massive audience. This makes it a great platform for marketing. Well, there are several other benefits for a legal firm when it comes to social media as a marketing channel.

Improves Brand Awareness

The usage of social media platforms among consumers has increased exponentially. Maintaining a powerful presence over your social media handles can help your legal firm in delivering the right message to your target audiences.In 2021, social media platforms saw a 13% hike in the number of new users as compared to the previous year, boasting a total of 4.2 Billion users.As per the survey made by Thomson Reuters, almost 54% of the consumers said that they would hire an attorney that has an active presence on social media. It might be quite obvious as of now, as to why you should use social media as a marketing channel for your legal firm.

Connects Your Business To Your Prospects

A survey published by ABA in 2018 said that almost 35% of lawyers used their social media accounts to attract high intent clients. Therefore, the law firms that invest their time and effort in building their social media presence have an upper edge over their competitors as they are more like to attract new prospects easily.??

Stay Connected With Your Target Audience

You might think that social media users would only prefer interacting with their friends or family members but there they love to engage with different types of brands and businesses over the internet too.This makes social media a golden opportunity for a legal firm, You can use your social media account to answer their queries or to educate them regarding an ongoing legal topic.Consumers over the internet love to know more about things that make them curious, so you can use your social media account to publish content related to their interests.??

Gain Trust Of Your Prospects, Gain Authority

Legal issues and services are something that most average citizens struggle with. Many of them are clueless or uninformed regarding the functioning of such legal procedures. Such people are often looking for answers to their queries.It doesn’t matter if the prospects aren’t giving you a call, make sure you offer them some valuable information or detail so that you can induce trust among them. This can help you in gaining more potential leads and clients as you get a chance to prove your brand’s credibility.

Get Maximum Results Out Of Your SEO Efforts

Although, it is believed that Social media websites don’t have a direct impact on your website’s search rankings and SERP position but there are several organizations that have claimed that it may affect the search engine algorithm.We have often seen that even Google Search results show Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter links on the search query result page. Therefore, we find a strong relationship between your

Tips To Enhance Your Legal Firm’s Social Media Strategy

Pay Attention To Audience Feedback & Reviews

Give close attention to what people are saying about your legal firm. You must check the kind of reviews you have been receiving on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Before publishing anything look at the kind of demands or queries your customers have. This would help you in gathering valuable audience feedback and will also help you in knowing the demands of your prospects.

Choose The Best Social Media Channel For Your Law Firm

While there are a dozen of social media websites over the internet, the best is the one that suits your type of law practice. The audience on LinkedIn is way professional and mature than the audience on Facebook. Therefore, your content has to be optimized as per the requirements or aesthetic of the platform. You can create a list of rich keywords that rank well for your law firm’s website. Based on your keyword list you can figure out what are the trending topics on each of your social media platforms. Craft and design your content with reference to it. This is a great way to engage and attract your audiences in trending conversations.

Be Consistent With Your Content

If a potential client is browsing through your website and it shows them some old or outdated content then they’ll be the first one to leave your website. To drive a constant stream of traffic you must stay updated with the latest industry trends and make sure to provide relevant information or content to your visitors. This enhances your credibility before your potential customers and makes your firm appear relevant to them.

Get Instant Exposure With Paid Ads

One of the top benefits of having your legal firm on social networking websites is that it lets you run paid ads that can bring instant exposure to your business. Social Media users provide tons of information and data to such platforms, based on their activities, likes, tastes, and preferences, the algorithm captures their data.This data can be utilized once you start investing in paid ad campaigns for your law firm. Running paid ads is a direct way to put your brand in front of your target audiences. Optimize your messaging as per the insights provided by these social media platforms to convert individuals into customers of your legal firm.

Publish Video Content

It’s high time you get a YouTube Account for your law firm. You can use your YouTube page to publish informational videos that can be consumed by your target audiences, it can also encourage them to reshare the videos that would allow you to attract more audiences to your website or YouTube Channel.svg%3EUse your Video content as a FAQ page, answer their questions and address their concerns. Publishing videos based on topics related to keywords can help you in boosting your website’s ranking on SERPs as well.

Give Your Content A Personal Touch

Social media is not just about selling your brand, it’s also about narrating your brand’s story. Use the platform to post about your upcoming ventures, services, events, conferences, or even occasions like birthdays/anniversaries.Post pictures of your advocates and staff, give your profile a humanized touch so that your clients feel connected with you. Your social media account can also be a medium through which you can portray your work ethics, culture, and company values.

Social Media Marketing can help your business to convey its message to its audience, it can be a powerful marketing channel for your law firm that can allow you to stand apart from the crowd.

A great online presence can help your business to appear authentic, attractive, and reliable to your target audiences which enhances your opportunities to convert potential customers or visitors into high-value customers.

You must use your social media platforms to deliver your firm’s vision and voice. Utilize the power of social media to build trust among your customers, take care of reviews and feedbacks that you receive on these platforms and make sure you resolve them to deliver an excellent client service.