How Can SEO Help DTC Businesses Reduce Their Cost of Customer Acquisition?


Dec 29, 2021


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Selling D2C or DTC products or services on the foundation of SEO is far better than spending a fortune on ad campaigns. According to Statista, the average monthly spending of 46% of most visited eCommerce companies on advertisements is up to 1,000 U.S. dollars. The other 16% of companies spent between 20 and 150 thousand U.S. dollars per month from January 2019 to April 2020.

That shows businesses are spending huge bucks on gunshot ads for customer acquisition for a short period. Spending this much is not in the hands of small businesses, especially start-ups. So, why not tweak your SEO strategies to translate visitors into loyal customers.

SEO is the hero of digital marketing! If you get the hands-on search engine optimization, you’ll better engage new customers and dominate over the SERPs (search engine result pages). If you’re a newbie into this digital marketing ecosystem, you should learn the below SEO hacks to dig the gold mine while saving a lot of bucks that you might spend on ads. But before that, let’s take a look at SEO to curate better device strategies to turn your website into a magnet.

What really is SEO?

SEO plays a significant role in the digital space, where you 24/7/365 compete to get that #1 ranking on SERPs. It’s the hero that will help you dethrone your competitors and taste the gem of eCommerce supremacy. 

As per Zerolimit, around 67.60% of clicks come from the first five organic results. That shows that having an online presence is not enough; you need to gamble with the marketing strategies to optimize your digital space.


In other words, you need to understand the customer’s query and showcase yourself as the best solution to their problem to get the king’s throne on SERPs. You can think of SEO as an acquisition channel to organically drive massive traffic that converts into your customers.

SEO is not about wildly stuffing keywords and creating lots of backlinks, but most of the so-called “Digital Marketing Agencies” think so. Instead, SEO is a ladder that will help you climb on SERPs only if you provide legit content to your customers.

But playing with SEO is not a game for everyone. Only experts can amplify your content and website to reach out to the big audience of Google without wasting too much money on ads. However, professionals always recommend understanding the working of SEO to kickstart your digital space or DTC SEO journey.

How do Google crawlers and algorithms work?

As per a study, about 90.33% of online content gets no Google traffic. Many factors play behind Google’s algorithms to rank a website on SERPs. A website or blog with low-quality content or poor search engine optimization often fails to get placed on Google’s website directory. 


Some websites say that Google has more than 200 secret ranking factors that decide the ranking of websites. Falling to optimize your content and website according to the set criteria of Google’s algorithm will not help you cater your services to a more significant business.

So, how to do SEO for your DTC business to reduce the customer acquisition cost (CACs)?

This question often arises in our mind; here is a complete guide to activating SEO strategy to get the eCommerce boom.  

Become a legit source 

A study reveals that 39% of visitors stop engaging with the websites if the content/layout is unattractive. That shows people like to spend more time on legit websites instead of random websites. Serving your customers with the best and proven solutions to their queries will help help you become an authority that will convert your prospect’s customers into regular ones.

As you become a legit source, the new bloggers will take you as a source for their content, which means free and authority backlinks that will automatically improve your website image on Google’s lens.

Care about your customers

Catering your services in the way you want will not help you. It would be best to think about what your customers want for massive customer acquisition. The more you care about your target audience, the more quickly you get closer to customer loyalty and top ranking on SERPs organically.

As we say, “customer is the king,” so if you provide them with the best service, they will love to come back to you and also work as a free promotor for your DTC business. What can be better than this?  

You can color the keywords often searched by users to showcase yourself as the “best solutions” for their frustrations. Use keyword research tools to know what’s on your targeted customer’s mind and fit those rich keywords in your content to keep yourself in the “good books of Google.” 

Conduct a competitive analysis

Google search console is not enough to get data insights other than your website’s search data. For this, there are various tools available online. Once you get ideas of organic searches, you should check out what your competitor’s searches look like. 

Now, mold your website’s content and product line-up to fit into the search engine optimization criteria. And get the advantage of ranking on the number one position organically.  


SEO is the ultimate foundation of websites. If your foundation is correct, you can roll up massive revenue. But you can’t do this job on your own. You need to join hands with the SEO experts to play with the search engines algorithms and rank in the #1 position. These professionals will butter up your website and make it ready to cater to your customers.  

If you are also looking for a digital marketing agency for your DTC business, Saffron Edge is an ideal choice. We have a team of digital marketing experts who know the SEO hacks that will help you acquire a massive share of the eCommerce market without breaking your bank.

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