How Can Lawyers Rank High On Google SERPs?


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Jun 22, 2021


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What Is SERP? SERP or Search Engine Result Page is the landing webpage where the customer arrives after entering a search engine, like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. These pages include the relevant searched websites that can be organic content and paid or sponsored content. However, their ranking depends upon the relevance of the content and keyword choice. There are over a billion daily searches on Google, and 15% of these daily searches are fresh! Therefore, ranking on top of Google search engine result pages is one of the prime objectives of every online business to achieve a higher rank within their competitive streak. Search-Engine-Optimisation-Expert

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Every SERP is unique as it displays websites, ads, and brands related to the searched keyword. Based on the searched keyword, the search engine generates relevant results. For example, suppose a search query includes a keyword related to a construction firm. In that case, Google will set forth a search engine result page that lists different websites of construction firms ranked systematically. Therefore, to achieve a greater feat in the market, businesses use various legal marketing tactics and align them as per the latest Google algorithm, and optimizing SERP is one of them. A higher rank on the result pages usually happens when the website’s content is relevant, and the keyword matches the customer’s search query. Since SERP incorporates the organic and paid results, there is always something extra that a business firm can do to make it up to the customer’s search engine result pages. There are quite a few factors that affect the SERP, such as the physical location of the user, browsing history, etc. These elements are responsible for the appearance of a SERP, based on which a customer’s online experience is conceived.  Since Google uses its quality parameters to rank your website on a result page, it ensures that along with the keyword relevancy, the websites should have quality content, credible backlinks, and maximum responsiveness for a customer. Like them, every other parameter enables your website to get ranked on the SERP and be visible to the customer. SERPs are equally crucial for a lawyer to attract potential clients and increase the conversion rate. Failing to find your law firm’s website would instead help your competitors gain the customer’s trust, so it is essential to strive hard and make your website listed on the first result page.

Tips To Rank Higher On Google

Running an online law firm is a task in itself - finding the right people that require your legal assistance and your continuous quest to render services for client conversion. With the revolution of the internet facilities, the competition now does not confine to just offline lawyers. A lawyer, at this time, competes with other digital contenders to earn a spot on Google search results so that they can earn. The following are a few ways how your law firm can rank higher. Tips To Rank Higher On Google

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  1. Make The Most Of Keywords - It is proven that keywords are the real deal for any website to appear on the top of the search results for a customer. The first and foremost way to rank higher on Google SERPs is to take advantage of the relevant and targeted keywords that impact your digital advertising. A search engine result page often showcases websites with the most relevant keywords included in their content. One can achieve it with the help of online marketing tools that help you plan your keywords based on your target audience. For example, being a law firm, you can opt for the most searched and used legal keywords like a criminal defense attorney, lemon law lawyers, insurance claim, etc. You also need to ensure that your keywords relate to a hiring intent, so when your prospective clients enter a relevant keyword, you’ll be indicated that they require a legal service.
  2. Generating Quality Content and Media -  Text information, video, and media files together form the content of any website. Since every website diligently strives to provide information-rich content to its customers, you can too make use of the right words and let your content drive in customers. Along with that, including videos on your website is a powerful way to represent your law firm’s objectives. It is observed that most customers often prefer watching videos to get a better perspective of the quality of the service they’ll receive. Your law firm could also incorporate videos depicting various services that you provide and educate them about the benefits they associate with you. These actions significantly impact the customer’s search query and a higher probability for you to obtain conversions. 
Generating Quality Content and Media

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  1. Superior Backlinks and Citations - Adding quality hyperlinks is a way to ensure that whether your target customer reaches on another website, they are redirected to your platform with the help of a hyperlink. These links are responsible for bringing much relevance to your website, as linking with credible websites enhances your brand image. For example, a link to your legal website, which is found on a highly trusted website, usually makes you look good in the eyes of Google. Citations include your business name, physical address, and contact numbers on other websites to ensure that you get maximum visibility from across the web. It can be done by listing yourself in various online directories. For example, as a lawyer, you can set up a Google My Business account and enter relevant details to improve your ranks on Google SERPs.
  2. Following Social Media Trends - Adhering to social media trends is also a great way to boost your brand’s visibility across the web. By 2025, almost 73% of internet users will use the internet on their smartphones. Most of the users are inter-connected across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, etc. It allows a lawyer to create a media account and lists it on the web to acquire online exposure. Online marketing via social media platforms significantly increases customer engagement and informs the local audience about your services. You can also go along with trending ads and boost your content or videos to influence your target groups accordingly.
  3. Customer Reviews and Tracking Online Performance - Another essential element of getting a higher rank on result pages is “Customer Reviews.” Positive and purposeful reviews about your services are a critical factor that helps you to surpass your market competition. Since you render legal services, your target customers will review the quality of your service, satisfaction level, and insights about you as a brand. Google uses this collection of reviews to place your name at a higher rank on search engine result pages. Once everything is done, the final step is to track the rankings of your business and analyze the factors to achieve optimal performance. For example, you can follow the relevancy of your keywords, incoming customer traffic, or conversion rates for a set period.
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