Five Simple Strategies to Effectively Grow Your Dental Practice


Saffron Edge


Jan 10, 2020


4 min read

Findings ways to grow your dental practice? Check out these five strategies that can take your practice to new heights!Starting and growing your dental practice can be overwhelming, as well as exhilarating. It requires great skill to build up a business and taking it to new heights, especially when it is dental marketing where people are not at all interested in visiting a dentist until it becomes a necessity. Fortunately, we have brought you a variety of strategies that can help make a successful marketing plan. Don’t forget to read them all with a healthy smile! dental practice-1

Strategies to grow your dental practice:

  1. Build up a powerful team:

Whether you are thinking of expanding or acquire, you cannot do it alone. If you are already managing all the patients by yourself, then consider forming a team that can help you in counseling as well as in making big business decisions. More the brains greater the ideas! Your team may require some key players, such as:
  • A financial advisor:

    A financial advisor can be a suitable person that can help you in managing finances by making a better financial plan that would make sure that you are clear on the returns and investments.
  • A legal advisor:

    An advice from a legal expert can be very crucial in case of expansion and acquisition. Several dental associations throughout the world seek help from legal advisors to navigate them regarding any legal issues and questions.
  • Trustful lending partners:

    it is always advised to keep your finances separate from the business finances. Whether a company needs debt consolidation, business loan, or working capital, they always need a trustful lending partner that understands their needs and industry.
  1. Marketing is the key:

Marketing plays a crucial part in the growth of any business. You can start with small yet successful marketing plans such as email marketing, social media marketing and can go ahead with big plans such as advertisements and more. You can even launch a new website that can help you in the long run. Hopefully, we are blessed with a social world i.e., is the largest online platform to grow your business. You might have heard about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. They are recognized as a potential platform to connect with partners, clients and more. These three social media platforms are completely free of cost to join. Additionally, they are so easy to operate that even a layperson with a little bit of knowledge of computers can operate them. Simply visit their website and set up your account and take full advantage of their business-related services.
  1. Expansion is the necessity:

If you have decided to grow your business by adding more pages to your portfolio, you can either start a new office or can acquire an existing one.  Both of these ideas have their own pros and cons. Your well-qualified team can help you in detecting these pros and cons and making better strategies to overcome the risk factors associated with your new step. The acquisition offers you the benefit of purchasing a recognized establishment that already has an existing reputation, staff, cash flow, and patient base. In this, you can buy a part of shares of the business (typically 25% to 50%) and then acquire the whole establishment when the owner gets retired. Whereas starting a new dental practice from scratch provides you the freedom and allows you to mold everything according to your mindset and plan. However, this freedom can be costly than acquisition and requires great planning and effort. dental practice-2
  1. Upgrade your office:

Dentist practice requires up to date facilities, types of equipment, and technology. Up to date, office and facilities have a direct impact on the patient base. Think about it precisely. You never want to seek a doctor that uses old technology and would always consult the one having high tech machinery and equipment. Additionally, you need to work on the outlook of your office and staff. Providing a clean and hygienic environment with efficient staff that not only looks good but knows how to behave well with patients turns out to be a plus point in the growth of your dentist practice. Polite behavior and homely environment improve the experience of the patient and will considerably improve the reputation of the establishment in the market.
  1. Maintain a good online reputation:

In the world of surfing and searching, you need to maintain a positive online reputation. Whenever a person wants to take any facility or services, the first thing they do is, search about it on Google. Similarly, a lot of people would be searching for a good dentist online. Having a positive online reputation can help you a lot in the growth of your dentist practice. People usually make their minds regarding any establishment after reading the reviews, comments, and ratings from past patients. Therefore, it becomes very important to maintain a good reputation to attract new patients and to grow your dental practice. Poor ratings and reviews can potentially affect your patient base as no one wants to consult a dentist with negative comments and ratings. You can preferably ask your past and present patients to leave a review regarding their experience, or the least they can do is rate your practice and facilities online. Website development also plays a big role in maintaining an online reputation. A well-designed website is always praised and visited by millions of surfers that would love to take your services. So, work on your website and make it as presentable as much as you can. Add new features that are easy and takes lesser time. Make sure to add an online chat feature where the patients can directly chat with your team and book their appointments. So, these were the five strategies that can help you in the growth of your dentist practice. Whether you are planning or ready to grow your business, these strategies will be helpful to you in the long run.

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