5 Dental Marketing Tips That Make You Stand Out From Your Competition


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Aug 23, 2019


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Dental Marketing With approximately 7 per cent of daily Google queries being health-related, it's easy to understand why using the internet to promote your dental practice is a must for lead generation and brand-building. With so many marketing avenues to choose from, there are a few tried and tested strategies you should focus on to grow your business? Let's look at five pro marketing tips that will help your dental practice stand out from your competition.
  1. Content Marketing
Your target audience is searching for solutions to their dental issues online. The best way to find them is to position yourself as an authority and offer them the answers that they seek. Gone are the days, when setting up a website with a few pages describing in detail about your business and products and services you offer served the whole purpose. In the present time, you need to provide the targeted audience with informative content that is search engine optimized. Such materials are picked up by the search crawlers and are displayed in front of the user's when they search for solutions about their dental health matters. Effective content marketing involves creating content targeting at your local audience. Your aim should be to appear at the top of the search engine results when people within your radius run queries for dental services. A professional dental marketing company can help you set updated website design with plenty of quality content that showcases your competence while providing helpful information. An extension of your content marketing can include monthly or weekly educational newsletters, which you can send via an e-mail to your clientele.
  1. Encourage Reviews and Testimonials
One of the things people look for when searching for a dentist or other healthcare professional is for positive reviews and testimonials. Patients look for a dentist who has positive reviews because it reinforces in their minds that they are making the right choice especially when it comes to their dental health.  Think about having to search for a healthcare professional for yourself or a loved one. You would want to find a doctor with an endless list of positive reviews and testimonials from their patients. Therefore, encourage your patients to post positive reviews and testimonials on places like Google or Yelp. This, in turn, ensures that others will receive positive reinforcement and choose your dental practice for their needs. 
  1. Use Social Media to its Greatest Potential
Social media is an ideal tool for building a community online. A loyal community is a testament to your competence as a dental professional and will transmit your message from user to user rapidly and positively. To effectively use social media, you need to select the best networks to create accounts. The social networks you choose to target will depend on what kinds of interaction and content best conveys your message.  For instance, if you plan on using a lot of visual content, Instagram and Pinterest are the most effective social media platforms. Using Facebook and Twitter can encourage direct contact and conversations. Additionally, a YouTube channel can serve as an ideal medium for providing helpful content and patient testimonials.  Once you've finalized the social networks and created your presence, it is vital to keep track of the conversations as well as monitor the engagement and analyze the other data. Choosing an agency that specializes in dental marketing services can save you the hassle of having to go through the learning curve. Monitoring your social media presence is a very involved process that requires a suite of special tools. However, an expert in the field of brand-building can help you save time while boosting your clientele.
  1. Run Targeted Online Advertising
Spending money on online ads can be an immediate source of new leads if done correctly. A successful Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaign that targets your local audience can give you an increase in appointments that you can count on like clockwork. A digital marketing company specializing in dental marketing can help set up your ad campaigns. They will also keep track of the performance of the campaigns t help you know which strategies are beneficial and which are not. By continually optimizing your ads, you reach a point where you're able to determine the approximate number of leads, and you will be able to generate based on the investment made. It also helps you know the cost per conversion and based on the same, and you shall be able to scale your ad spending. For instance, if you've determined that you need to spend X amount of dollars to get ten leads, then the following month, you can try spending 2X to see if you get 20. Finding a correlation between the money you spend on ads and the return you get is a vital element for your online advertising.
  1. Track Everything
The more you track your results, the more effective your campaigns will be together with high returns on investment of every dollar. But tracking isn't limited to advertising. You have to keep your eyes and ears wide open to the new trends in the social media sphere. This will help you manage your brand presence accordingly and will also keep you accustomed to PR disasters before it is too late. Talk to your digital marketing services consultant about social media monitoring based on the needs and requirements of your dental practice brand. They will also help you know which tools will help you productively perform the necessary tracking. Bonus Tip 1: Personalize Your Communication Research shows that 90 per cent of consumers prefers personalization, and a staggering 80 per cent are more likely to hire the services of a company that provides a personalized experience. Are you looking for ways to implement personalization in your practice that helps establish a good relationship with patients and the community as a whole? For a dental practice, personalization for patients may mean sending an email once every few months that contains information about their specific dental needs. Setting up such an e-mail list isn't as complicated as it sounds. There are automated email services called autoresponders that allow you to build segmented email lists and keep track of your communication with your patients. Another easy way to personalize your clients' experience is to create a few separate groups on social media platforms. These different groups catering to various dental issues, help you address the concerns raised by the patients. If you want to take an even greater step towards personalization, you can use direct mail to send out printed communication to your patients. Studies have shown that the tactile nature of printed media created a greater connection with a brand than digital communication. Since all of the competitors are opting for digital media and advertising - a personalized e-mail helps build a stronger bond with the clientele together with boosting brand loyalty. Bonus Tip 2: Hire a Dental Marketing Services Professional Running a dental practice takes up enough of your time. If you have to deal with all the tasks single-handedly - ranging from managing the daily operations to attending the patients to promoting your brand online as well over the social media platforms - its time to think of something sensible that is worth the investment made. Hire a digital marketing firm that comprises of a robust team of experienced professionals who can help you with dental marketing. Based on your individual goals, they can implement innovative and practical ideas in your marketing strategy. They will make sure that you are not wasting time and money on promotional efforts that are not driving you towards your goal. From Content Marketing to SMO to Paid Marketing, SaffronEdge provides a full suite of affordable digital marketing services that drive engagement, advocacy and conversions. Trust us in growing your business digitally. For further enquiries, feel free to reach out. 5 Dental Marketing Tips

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