How to Choose the Right Dental Marketing Company for Your Practice’s Marketing Needs


Aug 19, 2019


6 min read

Dental Marketing Company

As any dental practitioner would know, the dental industry is one of the most demanding industries to work in? Not only is there a necessity to meet client needs, keeping up with the competition is another important aspect of succeeding in this industry. In any given city, there can be anywhere from a few dental offices to a few hundred. Including how fast the industry is growing, competitive advantages such as marketing are increasing in importance for many practices. Worth noting, some marketing agencies have become as good as making an impact in as little as a month. For the most part, the speed at which some marketing companies can outrank a competing dental practice is the main reason why dental practices seek their services.

However, there is one main problem that many dental practices face when choosing a marketing agency for a competitive advantage. That problem stems from a lack of knowledge in the marketing industry itself and understanding the features of a bad marketing company. While many practices can still survive in the competitive industry without dental marketing services, understanding these qualities has proven to be far more beneficial. With this in mind, let’s discuss some dental marketing tips on how to choose the right dental marketing company for your practice’s marketing needs.

Do They Have An Understanding Of The Dental Industry?

One of the best dental marketing tips to look out for is knowledge of the industry. To be more specific, you have to find out if the marketing agency has a good understanding of the dental industry itself. Quite obviously, the more experience they have in the industry, the more knowledge they have on factors such as acquiring clients. Worth noting, there is no specific number of years that qualifies an understanding of the dental industry. For the most part, notice if they can “speak the language” of dental practitioners. That’s one of the best ways to know if an agency truly understands how to market in the industry.

Do They Have Case Studies In The Dental Industry?

Going hand in hand with knowing if a marketing agency understands the dental industry, a similar factor to look out for is case studies within the industry. A marketing company can say that they have worked in the industry but, without any physical proof to back up their statement, you only have their word. In an industry as competitive as the dental industry, having only their word is not going to cut it. Simply put, look for marketing agencies that have proven dental marketing services with established practices. While it is not necessarily a bad thing to work with an inexperienced agency, working with one that has experience will offer more immediate benefits.

Do They Offer Solutions Or Meet Your Needs?

One mistake that many marketing agencies make is that they pitch their own “marketing ideas for dental office” services. This can make it difficult for a practice to differentiate if they are giving actionable marketing knowledge or handing out advice. As an overall rule, look for marketing companies that work towards meeting your needs as opposed to offering solutions. You have to remember that you, as a dental practitioner, have more knowledge on how to acquire clients than they do as a marketing company. In other words, you know what your clients are like, what they look for, and other similar factors. That said, any marketing company that tries to pitch the fact that they know more than you do should be a red flag.

Are They Flexible With Budget Changes?

In the dental industry, as in many other industries as well, things can and will change at a moments notice. Whether it is a slow month for clients, a legal issue, or anything else in between, being prepared for change is one of the most beneficial factors of success. Having said that, a marketing company has to keep those same standards when it comes to budget. When a company is willing to work with a budget, that is a sign that they are truly working towards helping your practice as instead of keeping you on a monthly retainer. Quality of services should be a high priority when looking for a marketing company.

Can They Prove They Can Keep Constant Communication?

Communication is another important factor to consider when looking for a marketing company. In many ways, this relates to how flexible they can be. Again, anything can change at any given moment so a marketing agency that can prove they will keep strong communications is a good one. As far as how they can prove this, ask how often they give feedback with things like monthly audits, reviews, or questionings. Overall, the more often the can give feedback, the stronger their communication with your dental practice will be.

Are They A Traditional Or Digital Marketing Agency?

One factor that is not talked about enough is the type of marketing agency being looked for. To be clear, traditional marketing strategies don’t work effectively anymore. At the very least, they are not as effective as digital or online marketing strategies. Online marketing strategies can offer more at lower prices. With this in mind, make sure that the marketing company you are looking for is a digital marketing company first. They can offer traditional services as well but, the bulk of their work should be done through online marketing strategies.

What Are Their Online Reviews/Reputation Like?

Reputation is everything for any business. In the dental industry, any practice that has bad reviews or online reputation is destined for a fallout within the industry. The fact is that business is too competitive no matter what niche you’re in. That said, this same factor can be applied to marketing agencies. This is one of the easier steps in finding a good agency as all it takes is basic research. It is as simple as choosing a marketing company with higher reviews and reputation over one that doesn’t have these qualities.

Are They A New Company?

Company age is one factor that is not as noticed as other factors. However, it tends to be one of the most important ones when looking for a good agency. As mentioned before, it all came down to experience as an agency and within the dental industry. A new marketing agency will simply not have enough experience to qualify for offering good services. However, if a new company is willing to offer marketing services for little to no cost as a way to gain experience, that might be worth looking into.

What Services Do They Specialize In?

As far as marketing services are concerned, it’s often better to look for a well-rounded company. This means that they offer a wide range of services including traditional and digital services. However, depending on your marketing goals and needs, it might be more beneficial to look for a company that specializes in service. For example, if you are looking for paid advertising services, it might be better to look for a company that specializes in PPC as opposed to one that has everything to offer. It’s all a matter of situations.

Are They A Local Company?

In the argument of local marketing companies versus national companies, it is more often better to go with a local company for obvious reasons. Number one, local company’s understand the market you are in more than a national one. Another important factor is that local companies are more accessible. In the case of an emergency, they are more quick to respond. These are just two of many more benefits that come with working with a local marketing company. If you do choose a national company instead, make sure to qualify them by with the list of tips we’ve discussed.