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Jun 6, 2022


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As a DTC eCommerce brand, you need to consider all those viable options from where you can drive more sales and customers. Businesses with multiple Direct to Consumer Channels often consider Amazon Marketplace a lucrative platform to market their products. To be successful on Amazon, you need the proper tools to maximize every available resource.

Critical Amazon Marketplace

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We are all aware of how competitive the Amazon marketplace is; nevertheless, attempting to figure things out on your own might hinder your development. For this reason, the top sellers utilize the best Amazon tools and hack to gain a competitive advantage.

With so many seller tools available, choosing the ideal ones for your business can be difficult! You must ensure that the tools you employ have the characteristics necessary for data-driven decision-making. This post will review the top Amazon seller tools that will allow you to expand your business and increase profits in 2022.

Comprehensive List of Software Tools for Amazon Sellers: Top Ten Tools

Now that we’ve discussed online marketplace optimization tools and why they’re essential. Let’s examine the best tools that can help you improve your sales and manage your D2C eCommerce platform.

Software Tools for Amazon Sellers

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Zonbase is ideally suited for sellers who need a solution to assist with crucial business activities. It is the preferred option for sellers because of its flexible features and user-friendly design.

With ZonResearch, you may locate profitable goods and develop target keywords with the Keywords tool. With Listify, you can also improve your listings, and the Reverse ASIN tool allows you to snoop on your competition.

You may also track your ranking for certain keywords with ZonTracker and determine a product’s sales volume using Sales Estimator. Additionally, you may boost the quality of your product photographs with Photo Enhancer.


Another amazing all-in-one software suite for Amazon Sellers is Helium10. Helium10 provides over 24 tools to assist with every element of selling imaginable.

Black Box allows for the perusal of Amazon’s inventory, whereas Magnet provides for the discovery of keywords with high rankings. With Cerebro, you can view the keywords for which your competitors rank. The Scribbles tool assists you in optimizing your listings using keywords.

In addition to technical tools, Helium10 includes several automation tools. These applications automate routine procedures like as refunds and follow-up letters for testimonials. Additionally, this program comprises corporate analytics and marketing capabilities.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is an additional all-in-one program for D2C eCommerce brands of all sizes. Viral Launch provides tools for product research and competition analysis to remain competitive. In addition, there are tools for keyword research and listing improvement. Its keyword research and listing optimization tools help you defeat the Amazon algorithm and increase conversions.

Market Intelligence, another service offered by Viral Launch, is a valuable resource for product research. The Market Intelligence instrument directs your product selection. It evaluates your product concepts and assigns them a 5-star rating. In addition, it delivers realistic predictions of sales and profit possibilities.

You may automate your PPC advertising campaigns with Kinetic PPC’s solution. You also get access to data on the performance of your advertising campaigns, which can be used to optimize them.

Jungle Scout

Another complete software solution for Amazon merchants is Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout began as a tool for product research, but it has subsequently expanded to incorporate many functions. These tools aid in keyword research, listing optimization, and position monitoring.

Opportunity Finder is an effective tool for product research. It develops low-competition, high-demand items based on keywords and evaluates the possibilities of the product niche.

Seller App

SellerApp is a business intelligence tool that provides information about the product to sellers. The solution contains a broad set of advertising, Revenue, and operations functions.

The Seller App’s PPC Analyzer is one of its most remarkable features. With this software, you can automate keyword targeting and bid optimization and enhance your advertising campaigns with data-driven insights.

Many Amazon seller software programs offer the ability to create product listings. However, Seller App goes above and beyond by including a Listing Quality feature. This device analyzes your product listings. The tool then provides techniques for optimizing and enhancing your listings. Read our Case study: Check how we helped our client increase their orders by 98% via Amazon Seller Campaign.


AMZScout is a tool for Amazon sellers that focuses on product and keyword research. With the Product Database tool, AMZ’s database may be filtered. It allows you to discover successful items based on a variety of characteristics. Its most popular tool is the Chrome PRO Extension. The tool displays pertinent product statistics on the AMZ search results page. With this information, you can estimate the profitability of items.

Do you want to produce a massive quantity of short and long-tail keywords for your product listings? Try out AMZScout’s user-friendly Keyword Research tool. The Term Tracker feature of AMZScout allows you to monitor your ranking for a certain keyword over time.


RepricerExpress is a program for Amazon re-pricing and not an all-in-one application. But it is an extremely valuable tool to possess. There are several Amazon repricer tools on the market, but only a handful are worth the candle, and locating dependable Amazon repricer tools is a monumental endeavor.

RepricerExpress is needed if you want a competitive advantage over other vendors and win the Buy Box. This automated repricing technology delivers rapid product repricing. This Amazon repricing software lets you personalize your pricing strategy and adjust product prices without wasting time repricing them manually.

It tailors repricing rules to your requirements. You can establish distinct repricing rules based on whether you’re an FBA or FBM vendor. You may also apply filters to merchants with whom you wish to compete. Depending on the item’s name, location, seller rating, and more, you may do this. With this program, you will no longer need to reprice through trial and error manually. You won’t have to worry about being competitive because product pricing may be automatically updated.

D2C eCommerce brands

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Sellics is one of Amazon’s earliest all-in-one software products. Sellics assists DTC eCommerce businesses with significant procedures. The processes consist of SEO (Listing Optimization, Keyword Research, Rank Tracking). In addition, there are PPC Management, Review Management, Product Research, Competitor Research, and Profit Tracking tools. Sellics is a must-have tool if you want to refine your D2C marketing strategy on Amazon.


ZonGuru is another excellent all-in-one application. Similar to other all-in-one solutions, ZonGuru offers a variety of tools. It provides research tools for products, keywords, company KPIs, and monitoring. The strength of ZonGuru is its wide collection of product research tools. Utilizing its Niche Finder tool is a straightforward technique to start a product study.

This technique allows for the identification of new product opportunities. The system generates product concepts that satisfy the predefined business requirements. Both novice and seasoned merchants will find this resource beneficial. The Niche Rater verifies the viability of your product ideas. It provides the product with a score based on consumer demand, competition risk, and profit potential. It also uses other information to establish a decision.

AMZ Finder

AMZ Finder is a customized Amazon seller application. It helps with one of the most important aspects of selling on Amazon: feedback and reviews. It has feedback request systems, review management, invoice management, and marketplace administration capabilities.

With AMZ Finder, you can send customized emails to purchasers asking for feedback. This application offers timely alerts of both good and negative evaluations, and its invoice templates make submitting bills easy.

What are the advantages of utilizing Amazon’s seller tools?

Amazon seller software and solutions handle essential business components such as advertising, customer support, and payments, enabling you to focus on core company operations.

Here are some essential business operations that these products manage:

Profitability calculations: determining the fees and profit margins for your goods.
Competitive analysis: identifying the profitable and in-demand items of your competitors.
Forecasting sales and inventory allows you to predict how much stock you need to satisfy client needs and optimize storage expenses.
Delegation of duties and responsibilities, as well as accelerating employee onboarding and training, as the team grows.

As a business owner, you must devote your time and energy to building long-term strategy and team leadership. And these technologies assist you in doing so more efficiently by automating repetitive manual chores.

Summing Up

While marketing on Amazon has huge development potential, it is not without drawbacks; for novices, the most significant is intense competition and heavy workloads. The tools mentioned above are a fantastic approach to lower the barrier to entry for newcomers and rapidly attain a stable growth rate for an existing organization. As with any other endeavor, you must adhere to the fundamentals and best practices while selling your items on Amazon. Contact our experts to know more.

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