What makes content marketing success ? Optimization! Know how?


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Jul 11, 2019


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CONTENT MARKETING Are you unable to attain the level of awareness, engagement, and reach, despite the continuous implementation of robust content marketing strategies? Has the traffic on your website stuck on a particular number? Do you see your competitors reaping benefits from the same content marketing technique? Do you somewhere feel that your content is the reason behind this? Maybe you are right! Maybe your content does need a makeover, or as they say in the technical term optimization for better ranking and driving more traffic.  It is not necessary that the decline in traffic was because your content was not developed right or is not relevant to the needs of the visitors, but with time, content rapidly evolves. As the competitors start entering the marketing landscape, they are bringing fresh ideas for creating quality content, which flattens out your strategy. This is why content optimization or content refresh, as it is called in layman terms, should be an integral part of your internet marketing strategy.

What is content optimization, you ask?

Working on the content to make it more useful, relevant, and simultaneously improving the technical performance of the web page to transform it into appealing content to the search engines is content optimization. With the aim to create conversion-driven content that is also optimized for the search engines,  the aesthetics and the performance aspects of the site which are crucial to add value to the targeted audience’s lives are improved through content editing, conversion optimization, user experience, on-page SEO, etc. 

What is the benefit of content optimization?

  • Content optimization, when used along with other traditional marketing techniques, can help strengthen your authority and expertise in that niche on the large platform that is the internet. 
  • It will help search engines like Google better understand your intent, which will guide you towards creating quality content. 
  • While optimizing content for search engines is profitable and advised, optimizing the content for end-users is equally important so that you can create quality content that appeals to the search engines quickly. 

How not optimizing content might be hurting your business?

The marketing landscape is getting aggressively competitive with content marketers coming up with new ways to tailor their content in a manner that directly hits the bullseye with the target audience. You can not risk your sales and revenue with content that no longer serves the relevant purpose, or the potential consumers have a more insightful pool of content and better-performing websites to choose from over yours.  What are some of the practical content optimization strategies that you should implement for SEO, website, social media?

Content is just information, and if it doesn't promote your visitors to make a purchase decision, then it is just a piece of information lying on a website serving no purpose. Devise the content in a manner that educates the visitors, increasing the chance of them converting into customers. The more they will know about what makes your products and services unique, the more they will be interested in knowing more, which will build and strengthen your relationship with them. This will increase the probability of conversion. 

We can not stress enough how the website bounce rate escalates with a generic headline. If you have invested so much time and energy researching and developing an informative and relevant piece of content, why would you let it go unnoticed because of a boring headline? When crafting a headline, keep these things in mind; the target audience, the USP of your content. This way, you will instantly capture the attention of your target audience. 

Keyword stuffing would be a sin, but incorporating keywords in an article without making it look like it has been a force in it can be a difficult task. There are plenty of content optimization tools available to help you with it. These tools can help naturally integrate the keyword in the blog posts so that your content performs better, and the possibility of ranking higher in search results increases. 

Speaking of keywords, make sure you use the right keyword for the correct page. If you do not want your pages to rank poorly for the keywords, then incorporate essential and relevant keywords in the proper ratio in the title, meta description, heading, content body, images, and the internal links of the pages.

If despite all the efforts your blogs are not ranking as well as they should be, then there are undoubtedly some gaps in your content strategy, which is getting overlooked. Perform a profound content audit, as it will help you determine what needs to be kept, discarded, and improved. This newfound information, when used with the keywords you are planning to target, will help create quality content, ensuring it rank higher. 

What are the content optimization mistakes that you should avoid?

After reading the strategies mentioned above you might think to yourself that now you can effectively optimize the content and get it on top of the search results, but in a hurry to do so do not make the following mistakes:
  • Avoid duplicate content:

While we often tend to write duplicate content within our website and forget about it, this confuses the search engine. They find it difficult to decide which page is significant and how to rank it. Make use of sitemaps to help them know which page is essential. 
  • Drop keyword Stuffing:

You must have read it several times that keyword stuffing will get caught and might affect your page rank. We understand it is difficult to comprehend; optimizing for SEO and users but avoiding keyword stuffing, but you need to find the right balance, Take cure from search results on the first page of Google to understand the context behind it. 
  • Thoughtless link building:

Link building is vital for gaining authority and ranking higher, but of late it has started to look like spam because of the way it is being placed. For example, leaving comments with links, spammy link exchanges, low-quality links on blogs will adversely impact your rank and audience base. 

How to not over-optimize your content?

  • You might be over-optimizing your content, and you don't know it, but Google will notice it and filter it out, thereby affecting your rank in the search results. 
  • Backing helps with building authority, but a low-quality backlinking might do more harm than good to your content’s SERP. 
  • You are not supposed to place keywords in the footer. Keep it simple and at a navigable spot on the page. Stuffing the keyword with a footer will lead to over-optimizing it, leading to Google devaluing it. 
  • Your content should be built around the keyword and not specifically to the keyword. Make sure y0ur blog has a natural voice and does not have a bot or keyword-stuffed tone. 
  • Optimizing the content for profitable content marketing requires abundant knowledge, and industry experience, which is why consulting an agency for designing, planning, and implementing a successful content marketing strategy is advantageous in this era of cutting-edge competition to gain an edge over others. 
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