Buyer Persona And ROI Go Hand In Hand


Jan 31, 2016


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Buyer Persona – What is it?

In simple comprehensive definition, Buyer personas are typical research-based explication and hand written documentation of what customers want from a ,manufacturer or supplier. What their problems are, what they intend to buy, how they think about that product or commodity they desire, and also knowing what goals that drive their actions etc. A comprehensive understanding of all these customer behavioral changes and strategizing your business with regard to it means you have prepared a customer persona. Now the second step is dependent on how you tend to market yourself to them through your products, commodities or services.

ROI In View

What is ‘Return On Investment (ROI)? On the other hand, your ROI is the return on investment.

It is a performance measure that is used to weigh and calculate the effectiveness of an investment. Or it can also be described as medium that is used to compare the efficiency of an investment after considering the exact investment cost. ROI is calculated in a simple way, the profits on an investment divided by the cost of the investment. Whatever outcome it gives is taken as the Return on the investment and it is traditionally expressed in ratio of percentage.

How Does ROI And Buyer Persona Relate?

Buyer persona and the return on investment should go in hand since both elements focuses on satisfying the potential customer. Until a business person and marketer has a comprehensive idea on what the problems of the audience are, it is seamlessly difficult to figure out where to come in from. What to produce, what service to offer, which solution to provide and above all what type of technical content he should develop for the persona.

Here are comprehensive reasons why the buyer persona should inter-connect with to ROI

It Helps The Business Person In Decision Making (Buyer Persona)

Decision making for the business owner might be somewhat difficult if he does not have a clear understanding on the buyer persona. In this case, he has some good deal of investment cash in his custody; but finds it difficult to know what the mind of the customers is. He also does not know what to produce for them (what their requirements are), and also what platform through which it is easy to convince them into taking action.

It Helps The Customers Outsourcing

Do you think customers would find it easy to outsource for goods, services and solutions to their insatiable desires and problems without corresponding marketers getting it right? This is impossible. When the ROI and Buyer persona works in hand with each other. It will undoubtedly be easier for both parties to excel with so much hassles. For example, buyers can easily find solutions and remedies to problems any moment in time they seek for it. Reason being that the corresponding marketers have positioned themselves accurately for their customers to find them with ease; this happens after they must have successfully outsourced and collated their personas.

It Aids Accuracy In ROI Calculation

Calculating your ROI would be a little bit easier when your buyer persona and ROI simultaneously at hand. Once you have an idea on what the problem of the customers are, you can easily tailor your services with regard to them, accurately estimating the investment cost.