Are negative reviews hurting your Amazon listing? Review Automation can help your D2C business.


Feb 18, 2022


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With over 9.7 million sellers worldwide and with 150.6 million mobile users accessing Amazon in the U.S alone (in September 2019), there is no surprise why everyone trying to sell a product considers Amazon first. But apart from having an impeccable product, you also need to have an excellent reputation to succeed as a seller on Amazon. 

According to a survey, experts found that more than 85% of the customers trust reviews while buying products online, which is why almost all sellers have an aversion to negative reviews. In addition to dissuading customers from buying your product, negative reviews can hamper your product’s visibility as well. 

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Nowadays, sellers on Amazon are stepping up to the plate and making the arduous task of sending manual requests to customers into an automated process. But for many sellers, review automation is still an alien concept, and that might be the reason why they are not able to shrug off the influx of negative reviews on Amazon. 

Here is a look into how an automated system in Amazon reviews can boost D2C businesses on Amazon

Why do customers post negative reviews on Amazon?

Issues with the product or service 

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The main reason why people usually post bad reviews is they build an aversion to the product because of the issue with the product or the service. There can be multiple reasons behind it, but it all comes down to stepping up to the plate to show concern. Some most common reasons why people are unhappy with the product or the service are;

  • Poor quality of product 
  • Mismatch in delivery 
  • Procrastination in delivery 

Being a Johhny on the spot 

Many customers on Amazon love helping other customers, and this is their only motivation to write honest and critical feedback. This type of review posted by a good samaritan helps others analyze the pros and cons of the product, but when the cons and pros are not on even keel, it can turn out to be pretty bad for any seller. 

A platform to be heard

Everybody who gripes about anything wants to be heard, and the same goes for your customers as well. Many customers wish the seller to modify the product or want everybody else to listen to what they say about the product. This can go smoothly until the customer decides to pile up the review section with negative feedback. 

Why managing negative reviews shouldn’t be procrastinated?

Rating a product alone isn’t enough to make the customers succumb to putting the product in their cart. Most customers directly move to the review section before making a final decision. 

All the customers want to feel the issue they might face after purchasing the product. And just like many buyers, they want a reason that can thwart them from buying. 

So, bad reviews can directly result in a steep drop in sales along with reduced visibility. Even if you have a good product that solves the customer’s problems and improves their lives, no one would be interested in buying it if it keeps on carrying the tag of bad reviews. 

As a seller, you must be looking for a way to avoid these negative reviews and wondering; Is there anything I can do about these negative reviews? Well, review automation is the only way to boost your D2C brand on Amazon while dealing with bad reviews. 

What is review automation?

Review automation is a tool through which the seller can send automated review requests to the customers who have purchased the product.

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 If you have been already selling on Amazon, you know that Amazon gives you an option to send review requests on the order detail page available in the Seller Central. But sending manual requests to everyone who purchases your product can be a time-consuming process, and this is where review automation comes into the picture. 

Apart from increasing the number of genuine reviews, automation of review also help you filter fake reviews from organic reviews. Thus, the number of dubious negative reviews will keep on decreasing. Do you want to learn how you can get more reviews using review automation? Visit here.

The difference in the method of manual and automated review 


You have to click on the ‘Request a Review’ button every time a customer purchases your product manually. After clicking on the button, Amazon will send a pre-written email to the customer requesting a review. 

But there is no option of customizing the email, and therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if the customer ignores your request. That is the main reason why so many companies have an aversion to the manual review request method. 

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With the review automation tool, the system will directly send requests to the customer, and therefore, you will not have to go through the arduous task of clicking the request button on every invoice. The review automation is simply a set-it and forget-it system. 

Why should you make review automation inherent to your D2C process on Amazon?

Effective review stream management 

Generate, glean and manage online reviews without much human intervention and in the most effective manner possible. That improves the quality of reviews and increases the number of reviews as well. 


Small and medium-sized businesses are already bogged down with the to-do list, and they wouldn’t want to waste time sending manual review requests. An automated review system can help shrug off the mundane and repetitive task of manual review requests. 

Protection of reputation 

With an effective review management system, one can reach out to unhappy customers before they become a badmouth for your product and damage your online reputation. It is the most effective way to manage negative reviews on Amazon

Reduce fake reviews

Not all the negative reviews on Amazon regarding a product are genuine, but customers scouring the internet for feedback can’t discern a fake review from a pristine one. A review automation system can help as it will ensure that only the person using your product can post reviews. 

Turn customers into promoters 

With the proliferation in the number of good reviews from genuine customers, you can quickly turn your customers into promoters. This will be the most authentic marketing medium as customers always trust reviews from people already using the product. 

With the world flocking to automation, why should you rehash the traditional review management system and let an influx of negative reviews hamper your presence on Amazon?

Bring in the new and advanced review automation system in your business and shrug off the negative reviews in the most seamless manner possible. And with a reduced number of negative reviews, customers will have no reason to procrastinate the purchase of your product. 


In addition to this, a review automation system will also help you save time. Thus you will be able to narrow down your focus on fueling the growth of your business rather than sending manual review requests on Amazon. We hope that our article gave you a brief about the automated systems in Amazon reviews and how they can boost your D2C business in the marketplace. Contact our experts to know how Saffron Edge can help you grow your business with Review Automation on Amazon. We offer holistic Amazon marketplace services to boost your sales on the Amazon storefront.