Monitoring and Optimization

We use Google Analytics and other latest tracking tools to monitor the performance of our social media campaigns. We track different parametres such as click-through rate, reach, engagement rate, leads and ROI. We take the necessary action to optimize the results of different campaigns.


Social Media Strategy Formulation

Our professionals identify the right social media platforms for your business and develop a comprehensive social media strategy. Our content writers create content that has high engagement rates, create a social media schedule and regularly post content on different platforms. We also create highly-targeted social media paid marketing campaigns.


Research and Review

Our social media specialists start your project with in-depth research of your target audience and competitors. We use the latest tools to research your target audience, their content consumption, and social media habits. We research your competitors to identify their winning strategies. We review your already existing social media profiles and identify the loopholes. We understand your business requirements and develop a clear roadmap based on our research findings.

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