7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Website Rank Anymore


Saffron Edge


Feb 10, 2020


5 min read

The world of digital media has surpassed all the assumptions in terms of audience and size. There are more than 1.5Billion active users on the internet right now. Using this space is mandatory for any business organization. But, as the audience size increases, so do the number of websites. New search algorithms have also replaced the earlier ones, which are now more inclined to provide a better user experience. Improving the standard of content is essential, but relying heavily on it will not work. Search will always act as a supporter, but the audiences are to be brought from different channels as well. Image result for Website Rank png   Let's briefly discuss some more reasons why relying on website rank will not help.  Keyword Planners going off-  BERT has taken all the spotlights and has disturbed the Seo ranking gurus. Their years of research and hard work is slowly coming to an end. Natural language is the key to giving you organic traffic these days. With intent-based models coming up, the keywords and string-based planning has gone obsolete, and relying on just the website rankings will no longer help a mass audience anymore. New trends are in practice, and people are moving from the traditional systems towards the advanced technologies designed to improve customer experience on the search system. Competition - There are about 200million active websites on the web right now, each representing some business and with SEO experts sitting around every corner of every city, implementing tactical strategies for optimizing their search score, beating all of them and taking the highest position on the search rank can be a daunting task. Almost every other search query has more than 5000 results, and a lot of them are optimized according to the search algorithms by the marketers. So, in the world of heavy competition, relying just on website rankings will be a considerable risk. It might give you your desired result, but the probability of that happening diminishes with the new websites going live every day. Brand Building With high competition in the market, it becomes even more critical that companies focus on building their brands. Snippets from a high performing and famous brand will gain an edge over other search results in terms of both credibility and trust. Companies are strategizing to build and grow their brands. Branding is critical to a company because of the overall impact it makes on the business. Branding has the power to change people's perception of your business and can help you bring in new customers. Branding also helps to add value to your business and creates trust in the marketplace as well. Optimizing Video Content-  Videos are the most interactive means of indirect communication. Brands use videos to give the audience information about their products and services, a lot of which in a way is not possible when you are structuring and executing your SEO-based content. Videos can help pull-in lots of traffic into websites from different sources. According to Forbes' research, YouTube is the second-biggest platform where the searches are done, only behind Google. And the audience visiting the brand's page after seeing their YouTube videos are usually the people who are really interested in the service the brand is offering. Some essentials for making the best video contents are-
  • The video should be representing the brand.
  • Shoot for both long and short formats, from 6-second videos to documentary films, and all the things in between.
  • Videos should be responsive to both mobile and desktop displays. 
  • Make it shareable across social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • Content should be made, keeping your primary target audience in mind.
Advertising-  Organic means to capture audiences will limit your potential, and your customers might go somewhere else if you are not using your advertising options adequately enough. Using Google Adwords is one of the most effective ways to drive people in your search. Google processes 40,000 searches every second, and the basis of the results are a lot of factors that include relevancy, brand popularity, and content. Advertising your search pages through Google Adwords is essential to drive that traffic. Getting customers organically might take a lot of time, and will still not guarantee good visibility. Running paid campaigns will help you get the traffic according to your budget as PPC gives you the option to pay only when somebody actually clicks on your search snippet and gets redirected to your website. You can set  PPC charges according to your budget, and Google will serve your campaigns accordingly. With the world going digital, almost everybody you know is on some or other social media channel, and using social media platforms for your paid campaigns will boost your reach and help you generate a quality amount of traffic on your website. Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin have more than 1.5billion users on their platform with different demographic sets. Social media advertising gives you the luxury of distributing your ads among the relevant audience sets on their ad manager's panel wherein you can choose your target audience depending on various factors, which includes age, gender, location, interests, professional status, and even their mobile devices. Running digital campaigns also gives you a lot of insight about the audience interested in your brand, which will help you devise your further strategies and remarketing plans. On-Page Content Management -  One area of attention is designing good content on the website and focusing on the customer's user experience. Optimizing content and using a lot of paid media might bring you the good size of relevant audience, but it would again be of no use if they have trouble finding what they are looking for. Just bringing in people through robust SEO strategies would not help increase revenue if the interface is not up to the mark. Content Management on the website is essential for enriched user experience. Otherwise, it will just increase your expenses and will increase your bounce rate on search consoles. Using promotional banners, putting informative videos on the right places, link-locking the website throughout different webpages are some signs of proper content management, which increases the customer's overall experience on the site. Designing the Product -  Product reviews and feedback are the basis of developing improvement strategies, and for making different products. Bringing customers on the website and selling them services would not serve all the purposes if the product itself isn't purchasable because of the quality and the price. Product reviews are read by new buyers, and based on that, they proceed and decide whether they should make a purchase or not. It's vital that brands focus on product features as well and improve the flaws. Conclusion-  There are a lot of technicalities involved when you are running through online sources of driving traffic on your website, and just optimizing your content according to search algorithms won't help. Making the website visible is essential, but the process takes a lot of time and doesn't guarantee success because of aggressive competition. Relying just on organic SEO would lead to slow growth, and it should be backed up by the elements mentioned above. Website Rank

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