5-Steps To Nurture Your Leads with An Advanced Inbound Marketing Strategy


Apr 20, 2016


2 min read

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy is where creation of appealing goods and services is done then shared to clients in order to ensure that they come back for more. The goods and services are made attractive by answering to client needs and answering basic questions relayed by customers.

Marketing Strategy
In addition, the firm uses specific marketing tools to attract new customers while creating a channel to maintain a good rapport between the firm and new and existing clients. When all this is done, the firm’s employees focus on creating the right goods while disseminating the correct information about the goods in the long run.
Step 1. Determine Your Offer Mix Inbound marketing campaigns need to have goals set for them in order to achieve their goals in the long run. This includes creation of a number of ideas and well researched information that will drive conversions. Remember that each offer made to clients ought to have its own uniqueness. In addition, each offer has to have a landing page to help you keep track of the conversions you have offered to customers over a given time.

Step 2. Work With Timelines and Goals

Think of having a mix of offer that will have an immediate impact on your target market. In addition, have a timeline so as not to have your offers running for too long hence diluting themselves in your target market. Have a straightforward marketing campaign that will last for less than 3 months. You can also compare with your previous campaigns to see if you have attained your goals and if not so, redirect your efforts to ensure you do not fall too behind your competitors in the industries.

Step 3. Drive Traffic

Use the following:

  • Social Media– Post your offers on social media and join in the conversation on other forums. Mix up your content to avoid boredom.
  • Blogs- Create a number of blog posts touching on topics related to your campaign covers.
  • Pay-Per-Click Ads- This is a perfect way to gain traffic for your offers. Ensure your messages match with the product value in these ads

Step 4. Nurture Your Leads

This is done by providing valuable information to your clients, ensuring that they are nurtured by getting more leads and information related to your goods or services. Emails come in handy when keeping track of clients that click through it hence measure up your conversion rates.

Step 5. Reporting

An Inbound Campaign bears fruit in the long run. One needs to be patient to reap the rewards of the campaign. When you assign an Inbound Marketing agency to carry out your marketing campaign. They will send you monthly reports that will help you gauge the progress and success.

  • Number of New Clients– Measure which campaigns were successful in bringing new customers. Compare the current and previous campaigns in order to get the actual metric.
  • New Leads– An increased number of leads means that you are gaining entry to a market that you are new to and your campaign strategies were excellent hence attracting new customers to your goods and services.
  • Views– Views are important in measuring the conversion rate in order to find out how effective the campaign was to your new market.
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