5 Quick-Fixes That Can Help Bring Back Website Traffic


Jul 9, 2016


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When you own an e-commerce firm then you spend a lot of time to keep driving traffic to your website. Infact, large firms like Amazon and Flipkart spend millions of dollars to not only retain online customers on their website but also bring in new traffic and increase unique users. But this is only half the battle.

Once you generate the traffic, now how do you retain the customers? The best way to keep your customers around is not only by rewarding them to stay but also through customer engagement. Keeping prospects on your site is the key to turning traffic into sales. Let us see on this side of the battle on how to manage customer engagement:

class=”blog-heading”>1. Analyze Your Website

You must be having a team of people who work day and night to make your website discoverable on popular search engines. It is indeed a difficult task but is a necessary part of business. Yet, just think about why offer a website that does not functions well? Customers either see a 404-Page not found error or the site takes too much of time to load. You should let your team to work out on finding the dead links in the website by using the many tools that are available online. One of them that we use is brokenlinkchecker.com.

The other issue and we must say the big one is that of page load times. Customers want to click through to a landing page that is informative that solves their needs and is attractive. If you can’t offer these things, then customers will write you off almost immediately and never come back. For checking the site speed you can use tools like Pingdom or other tools that are available online. As a general rule, please make sure that your site takes less than 3 seconds to load to ensure that your customers do not leave before they even arrive.

2. Create A Consistent Experience

Stay in touch with your customers apart from the online channels as well. The more options you provide your customers to contact you, the more likely they are to engage with you. Offer links to your social media page along with a live chat option on the website to instantly connect customers with the customer service.

When you can recreate the same customer service features online that a customer would generally find in a physical store, you can improve engagement and this will keep customers coming back.

3. Offering Customers A Loyalty Program

Most people think loyalty programs are hard on businesses by draining out profits, but this is not always true. A good loyalty program will draw in customers and make you their first thought whenever they need to make a purchase.

Most of the loyalty rewards are related to making a future purchase discounts whenever a client wants. Either it be a “Buy 1 and Get 1 Free” or “Buy 1 and Get 50% discount on next purchase”, loyalty programs are a great way to ensure that customers come back to you rather than the competition. It is cyclical method, the more customers you retain or gain, the less money you have to spend chasing down more.

4. Offer Online Video Content

It is known to all that Google and Facebook have prioritizing online videos over other content. Google’s Youtube is already a very popular social media channel and an old one. That alone is a good enough reason to get involved in making online videos for your business.

Online videos are far more engaging, and according to a recent report Facebook has reported video content as the most engaging content on its platform.

5. Create a real ‘About Us’ Page

People really want to know who you are. It’s our human nature to be curious and because the internet has anonymized the businesses, customers want to be able to at least know who they are buying products from when they come online.

A great “About Us” page not only engages the customers but also inspires them and draw them into your story. In world, where people use social media to find deeper connections, the ‘About Us’ page is a vital step for your website.

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