4 key steps benefits of Content Syndication Increasing your Market Reach


Nov 28, 2016


2 min read


Every businessman owner wants it’s business website to achieve higher rankings in search engine search results. A bad ranking directly indicates bad business prospect. Also, a poor social media presence mutilating your brand reliance.

To be honest, none of the business desires this fate. If you don’t have any long-term goals, you can surely neglect the fact.

Content syndication is a basic part of Inbound marketing and is a step in Off-page SEO. This includes steps like backlinks , content uploading on various websites. We do a lot of writing for our clients, but we also create other types of content such as webinars, infographics, case studies, white papers, and more.

All of this content has a purpose – to provide answers to people with questions about specific topics, and to help them solve problems.

How does content syndication is associated with the growth of your business?
Content syndication is the key to multiple doors all of which lead to a better business prospect.

Content syndication is a part of SEO (Search engine optimization) which is aimed at improving your credibility and rankings. Hire an SEO team and they will serve your content syndication objective.

In steps, Content syndication can help your market reach.

1. Increases your Website traffic

Content syndication posts your content on multiple platforms resulting in an enormous traffic on your website.

You can earn traffic through other methods, but comparatively the quantity is higher with content syndication.

For an example, your SEO expert syndicates your content on a website with 10000 views and even if 50% of the visitors click on your website. At the end of the day, you have 5000 views.

2. Expanding Credibility

How many people trust you are somehow related to increases in your sales. Integrity brings more consumers to your website than any marketing tool can generate.

With content syndication, you make yourself visible on unknown no of sites. Let’s say 5 lakhs of user read the article on a particular platform, imagine the growth in no of users who know about you now and start trusting you.

3. Visibility and reach

Every business has a restricted physical boundary beyond which business is likely less possible. Again, this depends on the scale and popularity of the business.

If you are a local brick & mortar business your buyers are limited. Now, if you want to do more business, how would you do that. The answer is increasing your reach and visibility.

4. Lead generation

The users who visit your website on referral from the syndicated platforms may totally not be a potential customer. However, there is no denial of the fact that at least a percentage converts into a possible lead which helps you improve your business revenue.

5. Cuts your marketing cost

You spend dollars on your brand marketing, offline & online. Content syndication does half of your marketing job, thus, reducing your direct cost of marketing activities.

This is a total no in case you’re a top website, earning good revenues. But, for those pushed on the second page of Google search results, this is a pot filled with gold.